How to handle your Damaged Car to save you from Stress


After meeting an accident, you and your car may not be the same anymore. You might have become more cautious when driving while your car might have deteriorated in performance. You have spent so much for the bills for repair just to bring its original quality back. But no matter how you try, some cars may not work as before right after damaging it.

Most people would opt to sell damaged car and get rid of the stressful situations. If you are considering the same thing, then see these options below:

Give it away, donate or recycle

Donating it is the most charitable way to free yourself from higher repair bills. Aside from that you are also finding a way to help others. Much more to not earning in return, be prepared to deliver the car as some charitable institutions don’t have the means to take it with them. Doing good will make you feel good. Helping others would change the world into better.


Selling if a financially lucrative choice. Take advantage of online stores that served as a platform for you to showcase your used stuff. Clean the car before taking photos of it to display on the website. Make sure you are familiar with its components and damages. Be honest when describing what you are selling since you might not want to be bothered by the buyer once he discovered that you are to sell damaged car.

When selling, patience is important because you need to communicate and buyers will negotiate. As much as possible, provide complete information to reduce the time you will spend discussing with the potential new car owner.

Also, you can consider selling by part if you think your car won’t be beneficial as a whole. Most car owners with rare model have components that a lot of people will be interested in. More often than not, you will be able to sell car parts like radios, steering wheels, seats and other interiors.

Selling online is not at all the perks alone. You should consider that buyers may be from other parts of the world or the country such that shipping costs should be covered accordingly. You can make arrangements of free delivery or inclusive of delivery or shipping charges.

Junk Car Buyers

The most common remedy for damaged car is to sell it to junk buyers. More often than not, you can trade it with another car. You can also have the option to take the cash and find a new car to drive.

Remember that when you sell damaged car, you should never expect it to be at the price you want. Junk buyers are great at negotiations and bargains. Be ready and realistic with your expectations.