Nuances of Buying a Car


Planning to buy a car for personal use? The decision is one part of the story and the actual finalization of that decision is yet another task in itself. First and foremost, you need to decide whether you want to buy a new car or a used one depending upon your need and budget. What type of car ae you looking at is also a big question that will empower your decision; whether you are looking at a compact small car or a Sedan or an SUV or something more like a stylized car. Finalize your budget and see how you would arrange the funds for that budget; would you want to pay cash down or take up a Car loan for the same. Most people who go for a new Car, opt for a Car loan as well as that’s easily available these days from various banks and Financial institutions. Whatever be your decision, the need to approach a good New & Used Car Dealer is imperative, as that would sort out most of your problems and queries.

Should I buy a New Car or an Old one? The typical Dilemma?

Now, when you’re researching various new and old cars online, you would find that there are many used cars that you can buy at almost half rate of that of a new one. You can buy the exact same car, of the same brand and make, at nearly 60-70% current price of the car if that’s a used one. This is primarily because Cars don’t have an appreciation value, infact they Depreciate in their rates once bought. An ex showroom car will always cost you more than the used one, even if it used only for a few months. That’s why most people end up changing their decision to buying a Used car once they start researching about it. However, buying a used car has its own Pros and Cons. There are certain things you need to keep a close eye before buying a Used car.

Things to check while Buying a Used Car:

  1. There are many options through which you can buy a Used car; however it is always recommended that you buy it from an accredited New & Used car dealer as it would be then their responsibility to get the car completely checked for any damage or other wear and tear issues. You can also look up at for some good offers.
  2. Inspect the car thoroughly; get a proper checkup done of the car to check if it is not accidental or damaged or the engine or any other parts have not been tampered with. Check the fuel efficiency, breaks, servicing status and also the insurance papers to gauge if the car ever went in for an insurance claim.
  3. Check all the paperwork if it is genuine; generally this is something that the dealer would check and validate for you; however it is also better to keep all these things checked yourself. There are many instances of stolen cars been sold, so be very careful with the paperwork and scrutinize everything with an eagle’s eye approach. Check the Registration papers, Tax records, Invoice, PUC certificate etc.
  4. Transferring of ownership is also a critical task that most dealers would assist you in. It is very important to get the owner transferred on paper as well.

Conclusion: Buying a car is, for most people, a big opportunity; hence check all major elements involved with buying a car before finalizing it. Research a lot if need be and if your are buying a used car, go through an acquaintance so that it is reliable.