2016 Toyota 4runner Review


Overview On Toyota 4Runner:

Toyota 4Runner is one of the utility vehicles available with the toughness of truck and facilitating modern ride and dealing with all attributes thrown in. If you are not of those individuals who enjoy off road riding, then Toyota 4runner is the right choice for you. It includes chic and rugged FJ cruiser which has made a footnote in the history of Toyota and this made 4runner to be the top of the Toyota vehicles for off road fanatics. Apart from all the features integrated last year, several other aspects have been incorporated into Toyota 4runner 2016. It adds an upgraded exterior mirror, sun roof, leatherette upholstery, power front passenger seat, heated front seats, auto dimming rearview mirror, navigation system, Entune infotainment with app integration.

Better Cruising Experience:

The engine that comes with 2016 Toyota 4runner is a 4.0 liter V6 model that delivers 270 HP and 278 pound feet of torque that makes this vehicle to ride easier either off the road or on highways. This vehicle is designed to drive much better even on rugged roads at maximum speed. The driver will get unexpected delights in terms of steering maneuverability. You will experience better control and precision from 4runner at low speed than what you would enjoy from the heavy model. With big sidewalls, well refined interior, smooth ride, soft suspension and low wind and road noise, Toyota 4runner is known to provide the best cruising experience to anyone.

Interior Design:

Toyota 4runner includes smart interior design with perfect seating arrangement. It is extremely comfy for highway trips but it is not up to the satisfactory level in terms of flexibility and cargo space because of its narrower body and tall floor. The front seats are designed in a way that they feel and look great with perforated. In addition, they are supportive and big enough to fit different ranges of sizes. The second row with stiff bench cushions is designed to accommodate adults whereas the third row is best to be left to small kids due to its compactness.


Safety of the passengers is given utmost consideration in Toyota 4Runner when compared to other crossovers. With eight airbags including front side bags, front knee bags and side curtain bags for 2nd and 3rd row, the vehicle scores higher from IIHS for ensuring the best protection for the passengers. Of course, rear view camera comes standard in all trims of Toyota 4runner.

Other added features:

You will get power driver seat, power features, roof rack, audio system, USB port, satellite radio, Bluetooth audio streaming and Pod connectivity with Toyota 4runner 2016. In addition, mobile app connectivity is also integrated in all the trims of this lineup. Though, this vehicle is designed for off road riding, you should subject this vehicle for a regular Toyota Service to make this vehicle function in its optimal condition. As off road riding involves a lot of risk, you should find and have a Toyota Service provider beforehand.