UK Minibus Insurance


If you live in the UK and you are tired of paying too much for your School bus or private min bus  insurance, there is no better time than now to start shopping for lower insurance rates. Many consumers put off purchasing a new and more affordable policy because they feel like retrieving UK auto insurance quotes is a time-consuming burden. But with our comparison tool, you can retrieve multiple quotes from several different reputable insurers in the UK  by filling out one straightforward form.

Simply enter your post code and start the quoting process. But before you request quotes for auto insurance in UK( not Northern Ireland ) , you should know exactly what the law  requires you to carry and how you can save money on your premiums. Understanding the compulsory laws can help guide you while you are building your policies and budgeting for the lowest possible premiums. Read on and learn everything you need to know to make an informed purchase.

What Type of Insurance Are You Required to drive a Minibus?

Every mini bus that can be driven on public roadways in the UK must be insured. If you do not comply with mandatory insurance laws, you can face serious penalties. Because lawmakers and officials are trying to reduce the number of uninsured drivers in the UK, you should know the penalties. You can expect to pay  over GBP500 in penalties for a first offense, the suspension of your driver license, and up to 6 months in jail. It is smarter to stay insured and to stay legal.

The requirements in the UK are as follows:

Liability Coverage

Bodily Injury: A minimum of  GBP15,000 per person and GBP30,000 per accident

Property Damage: A minimum of  GBP10,000 per accident. All other coverage options in the the UK are considered optional. Just because these coverage options are not required does not mean that you should automatically reject them. Budget how much you can afford to pay and build a policy that protects you and your assets.

When you Compare Minibus Insurance Policies you will find the best Deal.

Just 5 years ago, the average UK MPV or minibus insurance premiums were higher than the European  average. As the roads become a safer place to drive, these average rates have dropped below the average in Europe of  GBP700 to just below GBP650 annually. As you can see, it is possible to save money by shopping for coverage from a new carrier.

How Can You Save Money On Your Auto Insurance?

If you are looking for cheap auto insurance for your minibus, you do not necessarily need to reduce your coverage limits or purchase a bare bones policy. Knowing the discounts that are available to you can help you save money.

Here are some discounts you should look for while you are comparing quotes:

Accident-Free Discount

If you have been accident-free for a period of 36 months or more, you will qualify for an accident-free discount. If you switch insurers, be sure to ask your existing insurer for a claims history letter to prove you have been accident-free.

Safe Driver Discount

If you are under the age of 25, you may qualify for a safe driver discount if you have no at-fault accidents or moving violations in the last 3 years. You will also be asked to complete a driver safety training course.

Good Driving

If all of the drivers in your household have a clean driving record for the past 3 years, you may qualify for a good driving discount on your entire policy. Stop paying too much for your minibus cover. With the new, convenient, and easy-to-use rate comparison tool, you can request quotes from all of the premier insurers in your area. Sit down and compare the quotes, adjust coverage limits, and build a comprehensive policy that protects you and your assets.