What Are the Common Problems with Trucks and How to Repair Them?

truck repairs

Truck is not a vehicle for everyday people to travel by, or at least that is what general convention dictates. However, trucks are not only used for transporting heavy goods. It can be a nice way to ride around town as well. There are many truck workshops and authorized dealers, who conduct truck repair services, to make your truck look like new, and to enhance its saleable value. The wheels, axle, truck carburetor and the battery, all get worn-out due to constant use, and you can consult with the best mechanics to get back your truck in the original shape.  Luckily it is not very difficult to find a good place for truck repairs in the locality. Make sure you take good care of your truck, because it can serve you a lifetime.

Types of trucks

Whenever we think about trucks, we imagine a big open storage, a small cabin, and a good few big wheels. However, contrary to popular belief, there are different types of trucks. The four basic types of trucks are light trucks, medium trucks, heavy trucks, and super heavy trucks. One might be surprised to know the cars that falls under the category. Some of them are

  • Minivans
  • Sports utility vans
  • Pickup trucks
  • Tow trucks
  • Sedan deliveries

Medium trucks contain flatbeds, fire trucks and box trucks. Heavy trucks are garbage trucks and dump trucks mainly, and some varieties of cement mixers as well. Super heavy trucks are ballast tractors and haul trucks. However, no matter what kind of truck you own, you need to have the contacts of truck repairs ready by your side at all times, because you never know when you might need it.

truck repairs

Common problems with trucks

Trucks are general very heavy duty, low maintenance rough and touch kind of a car. They last a long time if you take proper care of them, and they are fit for different terrains with standard off road performance as well. However, truck breakdowns and problems are not uncommon, and that is when you need to think about truck repairs. Some of the main reasons why trucks break down are

  • If the driver is not careful enough then the truck can run out of fluid very soon. So if the truck is running on fumes, there is a good chance that it will suffer from a breakdown.
  • The cooling system can be treacherous at times also. The connections often cause the truck to breakdown pretty fast.
  • Tires are the main reason for trucks to breakdown. This can be prevented very easily if proper care is taken of the tires. The tires are often underinflated or carry too heavy a load compared to the air pressure.
  • Brake is another important reason why truck repairmechanics get roadside calls. Problems with brake oil or contamination often lead to problems with the truck.

Oil leakages, rusty frames and problems related to transmission:

  • Sometimes oil leaks from trucks and it catches on fire, which can be pretty dangerous.
  • A rusty frame, which is indicated by rust spots on the car’s body, is another big problem.
  • Transmission problems are pretty common and pretty elaborate. That is why fixing a transmission problem can be expensive. A truck owner needs to make sure that they are not too heavy on the transmission.

It is advised to take your truck to a professional mechanic. You might be able to patch it up temporarily, but the solution will not be permanent.

Hence, you need to contact a professional mechanic for truck repairs. It is not very difficult to find one in your locality, you can simply search online.