The Ultimate History of All Car Brands in the World

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Cars as we all know are indeed the best when it comes to mobility and that is what has made then gain so much attention. Cars were firstly incepted in the early days of 20th century. The very first cars are the horse carriages which were created as back as 1890. That marked the beginning and from there other states starting making more better models which caught the eye of almost everyone and which were faster than the previous ones. Some of the Top Classic Cars were the ones which were created during the 20th century.

Even the history of all car brands can be dated back to the 20th century and it all started in USA. In 1929, which was the beginning of the great depression, there were about 30 million vehicles and that was indeed said to be the most amazing achievement.

new car

Even when the situation of WWII stayed the same, USA was known to be producing more than 75% of the vehicles from those manufactured across the globe. It was in the year 1980 that Japan emerged as the leader by manufacturing more cars when compared to USA and USA gained back that title again in the year 1994.

It was during this year that many other countries emerged and the important of them are German, Korean, French and British.

All the car manufacturing units from these countries did create some of the world’s well-known brands which still rule our streets. Some of the brands like Nissan, Audi, Volvo, Toyota, Honda, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes and many more changed the complete aspect of car manufacturing. Car which was one a luxury has slowly emerged to be a necessity. These car manufacturers today provide the best cars which are not only known for their service but are also known for the comfort they provide.

Some of the best sellers till date are Ford manufactured cars in the lead and Volkswagen Beetle being the next. It certainly feels amazing to know as to how these cars which were once nothing more than horse driven carriages are changing the lives of people. A number of websites till date provide Car Models Reviews to keep people updated about the best cars.

To sum it up, the industry of car manufacturing is amazing and it is indeed an achievement to see the human engineering evolving to new heights with passing decades.