What are the different types of cheap car batteries?

car batteries

If you have a car of your own, then you already know that battery is the heart of it. It helps the ignition system, and the smooth operation of your car depends on the successful working of the car battery. You can get the second had cheap batteries also, but their longevity is not quite good.  But again, when you have your budget constraints and preferences, you would naturally look for the best kind of cheap car batteries. However you have to look for the suitability and also the level of performance with regard to your vehicle.

Getting the best battery is not easy. You have to have a detailed understanding of car batteries and especially the ones that are good and cheap at the same time. The following discussion would enlighten you on the different types of good cheap car batteries so that you can make a choice from the list.

  • AGM batteries: AGM batteries are found to use lead plates released in acid so as to produce current. This type of batteries is the most common one which are not just used majorly but are also preferred the most. This type of cheap car batteries is used as starters. The lead acid batteries use glass mat for reducing the resistance. This way the productivity of the battery increases. These batteries are easily available even in weekend car markets, or else, you can also get these batteries from the online stores, if you try to get some good discounts. The compact size of the batteries occupies less space in the car, making these easy to operate.
  • Calcium batteries: As the name suggests, this type of cheap car batteries contains calcium. This calcium is found in the form of an alloy on a number of charged plates. The charge is found to flow in liquid. One of the major benefits of having this kind of cheap car battery is that it has a very low rate of getting discharged. Thus you would naturally find these reliable. Again, this type of cheap car batteries cannot be charged for a very long time. If you ever try to overcharge them, then you would actually be responsible for damaging the battery prematurely.
  • Nickel metal hybrid batteries: An interesting type of cheap car batteries is the nickel metal hybrid one. As you can make out from the very name, this type of batteries can be great for hybrid cars. Since these provide high density energy, when used in hybrid cars, such batteries help the cars to get started. With this type of batteries, you would be able to have a considerably stable charge. When compared to the lad acid batteries, the nickel metal hybrid ones are much smaller in terms of magnitude. They are easily available in almost all the branded car showrooms or workshops, but they need to be handled very carefully.
  • Gel batteries: Gel batteries are a different type of lead acid batteries where you would find silicone being used for making acid solid. In such cheap car batteries the liquid loss is reduced drastically and both the power and the lie of the battery become augmented.

When you are looking for cheap car batteries, there are some other considerations that you should not miss out. Battery life is very crucial in taking the final decision while making the purchase. You would definitely like to go for the one that has the longest life. Charging the battery for sufficient time gives you the long-lasting effect of a smooth car-ride. The charge must remain for a considerable period of time for giving you an uninterrupted ride. Once you compare the different kinds of batteries as discussed above, you would surely be able to get the best cheap car batteries for your need.