Forklift trucks – the algorithm of selection

Forklift trucks

Considering the diversity of options offered by the market, this equipment is not easy to choose. There are many models and modifications of performance of forklift trucks, and to assess the advantages and disadvantages of them, especially for not a specialist is very difficult. A systematic approach to assessing will facilitate the work of selection for those, who buy these machines, and will protection from the mistakes.

Buyers of forklift trucks before contacting the dealer need to develop a special card-scheme, which will be sensitive and responsive for work conditions, the design features of the machine and other aspects.

To empirically estimate how behave the forklift truck during operation, operators should carry out a test-drive of it, and mechanics should to assess maintainability.
First of all forklift trucks need most closely match the tasks for which it is intended. It is important to consider where and how it will be used. Often, buyers are guided by quite different reasons, for example: “… the forklift that we already have works well, so we need the same one” or “… you can ask our drivers about the characteristics of our forklift trucks and we will buy something that they will advise.” Remember, that you should not do in this way!

Forklift trucks

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Forklift trucks – Specifications

Components and assemblies to a large extent determine the possibilities of equipment. Thus, the tire must correspond to the nature of the road surface. Turning radius of the forklift and load size must comply with the minimum width of the aisles. Great lifting height of the fork carriage of truck may be needed when loading pallets in two tiers in cargo vans and wagons.

Installing the sideshifts on the forklift can quickly recouped by increasing productivity and increases the level of security of the forklift trucks. With increasing speed can either increase the productivity or decrease safety. Thanks to the smooth hydraulic controls of the thyristor it is less likely to damage the goods. But for every technical solution that makes the work more effective and convenient is necessary to pay, so when choosing a forklift truck, you must search a reasonable combination of the desired characteristics and the value of forklift trucks. Here are the basic parameters of this section:

  • Maximum capacity;
  • Rated load;
  • Maneuverability (turning radius, the minimum width of passage for a forklift truck with a load);
  • The length and type of fork carriage;
  • Type of running gear;
  • The maximum negotiable upgrade slope (loaded);
  • Stress on the towing hook;
  • Controls the direction of motion (pedals, levers);
  • Hydraulic equipment;
  • Controls (manual, thyristors or transistors).
  • An internal combustion engine of the forklift (capacity mark);
  • Speed (forward running with the maximum load, reverse with the maximum load);

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