What should you know when purchasing articulating trucks?

articulating trucks

Conditions of operation of the forklift

When choosing a forklift is one of the important issues is the environment in which you will use it. Depending on where you will operate the forklift: indoors or outdoors, how often the articulating trucks will go on the open space in the adverse climatic conditions (rain, snow, frost, slush) will get a certain type of engine that will be most convenient for you. Indoors most commonly used petrol and gas LPG engine types. Gasoline articulating trucks with installed gas system has a low capacity (max 5 tons), but the main advantage is their low fuel consumption, high efficiency. In Canada, these loaders are very common, they occupy 50% of the market of forklift trucks in Europe, unfortunately, this type of engine is not distributed so widely due to poorly developed system of gas stations. In outdoor environments is the most convenient to use diesel and some gasoline trucks. Diesel articulating trucks can be used in spacious, well-ventilated warehouses, but only if you installed the converter and use quality fuel. The route of transportation of goods – is also one of the most important factors when choosing articulating trucks. The great value has not only the distance transportation, but also the presence of ascents-descents, the size of the racks, aisle width, etc. depends on whether you will be a truck equipped with auxiliary lighting apparatus, signals, reverse, and other options.

articulating trucks

Type of tire

Select the type of tires is also important enough when choosing equipment for articulating trucks. All tires for articulating trucks can be divided into two major groups:

  • Superelastic
  • Pneumatic;

Superelastic tires are in one piece, they are more durable and more expensive than pneumatic tires, but they also have several disadvantages: the tires absorb less elastic, leading to rapid failure of the bridge truck and subsequent costly repairs. There are also white superelastic tires for using the loader, not dirty floors in warehouses. Pneumatic tires are used on forklifts, tires are analogous, respectively, they will be erased, but are cheaper than superelastic tires. When uneven floors this type of tires will be the most optimal.

Intensity of exploitation of articulating trucks

One of important moments is intensity of exploitation of loader. During the intensive exploitation of loader it is needed to pay attention to sizes of loader, maneuverability of machine and speed of work with a load. What more intensive you plan to use a loader, the more expensive model it is necessary to choose. So, if work is conducted around the clock, it is necessary to choose the most powerful and enduring loaders, accordingly it and more expensive articulating trucks. And, vice versa, at the rare use (1-3 hours in a day) the most optimal decision will be to purchase the used inexpensive loader, but such that worked no more than 10 thousand hours.

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