The Head Turning Audi A7

Audi A7

The new good looking Audi A7 will turn heads and offer stiff competition to the popular Mercedes CLS.

Anyone looking for an executive car should take a look at the Audi A7 Sportback which is on sale in direct competition with the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes CLS. This stylish model has a high specification and is full of the latest technology. But, it has some of the most tried and tested equipment that was used on the A6 so it should prove to be very reliable.

There is a limited range of 3.0 litre diesel engines and an option for four wheel drive. The A7 is practical with a large boot space and is very relaxing to drive. Comfort is the key word with this super car. Nevertheless the top spec S7 can achieve 0 to 62 mph in only 4.7 seconds which is extremely fast.

Driving an Audi is always a pleasure and this model does not disappoint. It corners well despite the size of the car and if you opt for the quattro four wheel drive, traction is even better. Every model has the drive select system developed by Audi which allows you to change the suspension and other setting to suit your own needs.


The interior of the cabin is amazing with sporty stylish instruments set in a wrap around dash. This is a four seater, with no centre seatbelt in the rear, and it is as comfortable as anyone could wish for, giving a lovely quiet ride. The model boasts an acoustic windscreen which filters out excessive road and wind noise although if you opt for alloys, the noise from the road increases slightly.

Although the A7 has yet to be tested in the Euro NCAP safety tests, it is expected to score the full five star rating. Safety features include electronic stability control, anti lock braking system and six air bags. There is also the option of having adaptive cruise control and active lane assist as extras.

The boot is shallow which makes it easy to get at and the original space of 535 litres can be increased to 1,350 litres when the seats are folded flat. The tailgate on the A7 makes it very easy to access but it does compromise the visibility from the rear window. Nevertheless, you can always add a rear view camera to make parking much easier.

Is it value for money? That will depend upon your budget and how much you want to own this excellent Audi model. The A7 comes with lots of equipment including GPS and xenon headlights and these features make the resale values very strong. So, if you love Audis, why not take a test drive to judge for yourself.

Audi owners are notoriously fond of their cars so a good accessory for the new Audi A7 would be a set of tailor made floor mats from online specialist suppliers such as My Car Mats . A good set of mats will not only keep your new car looking pristine but will also add to the safety when driving.