8 Steps on How UK Vehicles are Imported into Australia

Vehicle Imports

There is so much information to digest when trying to import a vehicle into Australia that you may want to give up and buy a horse and buggy! But just remember that millions of people have imported cars in the past, and they have survived. It also helps if the process is broken down into a series of steps that are relatively easy to complete one at a time. Here are 8 steps to make importing vehicles into Australia more manageable with import cars from uk links.

Vehicle Imports

1. Do Your Homework
You need to research the rules and regulations for importing vehicles. This information can be found in the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development of the Australian Government under Vehicle Important Here, you will be able to figure out which import option to apply under, timeframes involved, costs involved, and a whole lot more.

2. Vehicle Import Approval Application
The Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) can be applied for online. You will have to choose an option under which to ship your car. This eligibility assessment quiz will help you determine which option to use. You should not ship your vehicle until after you receive the approval. If you ship without the VIA, the Customs and Border Protection Service will not release the vehicle.

3. Receive Your VIA
This may be the easiest step of all, because you just wait for the VIA hard copy to appear in your postal mailbox! You will want to check your email frequently in case they need more information. Be sure to read the VIA for any added conditions.

4. Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping
Steam cleaning inside and out should remove any materials that could be a quarantine risk. Air-conditioning gases and any other required fluids should also be removed. This can be made easier for you by using professional car important check out their process of importing a car from UK to have some basic info. This type of company can help you ship more than just your car. They can move yachts, boats, trucks, caravans, motorcycles, and even earthmoving equipment!

5. Obtain Clearance from Customs
You will need to lodge an import declaration with the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS). You may seek the services of a Customs broker to handle this. The import declaration may be electronically submitted to hopefully speed things along. Otherwise you can fill out the form at the ACBPS counter. Next you pay the customs duty, the Goods and Services Tax (GST), and any other applicable fees. You can get more information on fees on the duty rates and taxes webpage.

6. Satisfy the Quarantine Regulations
After your vehicle has arrived in Australia, it will need to meet all quarantine requirements. You are required to lodge a Quarantine Entry with the Quarantine and Inspection Service, and make an appointment for an inspection. If the vehicle fails to pass the inspection, you will have to get it steam cleaned again.

7. Satisfy Import Approval Conditions
sometimes certain conditions are placed on vehicles that must be satisfied before the vehicle is allowed into Australia. For example, it may have to be modified from a left-hand drive to a right-hand drive. You will also have to show compliance documents and apply for identification plate approval.

8. Vehicle Registration
Your vehicle will have to be registered in the appropriate Territory or State. Now you are done and can drive anywhere in Australia you would like!

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