Buy Fancy Luxury Land Rovers from Saxton 4×4 and Drive in style!

Land Rovers

Looking for something that’s going to turn heads and fulfill your every need? Check out the Range Rover 5.0 supercharged ONYX at Saxton 4×4. At just under £60,000 the four wheel drive screams importance, elegance and funk. The car is a left hand drive and completely new, so the only miles on the clock will be the ones driven from showroom to your place.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the 22 inch ONYX black alloys that give the car that extra punch. It is also home to an ONYX wide arch body kit, aero styling body kit, custom exhaust, front and rear bumper and rear spoiler. The car looks majestic on the outside; the type of car any driver would be proud to own. When you open the car door and look inside the effect is awe inspiring. The combination of leather and carbon fibre allows comfort to meet style and mould together to create the exquisite. The steering wheel is ONYX HSCT carbon with sport grip, along with a carbon fibre gear selector, ONYX crested seats and carbon front grill and side vents.

Land Rovers

Some of the cars perks include a SAT NAV touch screen with dual view; surround camera system, and heated/cooled seats. Along with, a blind spot monitor, park distance control and rear view camera; especially helpful in bad weather or tight parking spots. Passengers will have the time of their lives with rear heated seats, comfort air conditioning, digital TV tuner and DAB radio. Journeys are made smooth and comfortable as well as entertaining. This car is a celebrity favorite and you’re sure to feel like one whether you’re the passenger or driver. The 4×4 also comes with adaptive cruise control, rain sensor, electro chromatic fold flat memory mirrors and adaptive xenon headlamps. When it comes to four wheel drives, this car speaks for itself.

The Range Rover 5.0 V8 is an off road vehicle and it will perform perfectly over those lumps and bumps that most cars would fail miserably at. However, you would be forgiven for forgetting that its main purpose is for off road because it glides so heavenly across tarmac. When considering the comfort and luxury of the interior paired with the practicality of the cars uses and its versatility for everyday life, it’s hard to see a fault in it. If you’re looking to spread the cost, financing is available at Saxton 4×4 for most vehicles and they are dealership/manufacturer guaranteed. If you’re unavailable to pick your car up, Saxton 4×4 will even deliver the vehicle to your front door.

Saxton 4×4 have an undeniably fantastic selection of Land Rover and other luxury cars at their showroom in Essex and I’d confidently say that if the right car isn’t there, they’ll do their best to find it for you. But with over 300 four wheel drives in stock, I’d be willing to bet that your dream car is tucked away there somewhere. If you’re looking for something you haven’t found anywhere else, head over to Saxton 4×4 and have a chat with a member of staff. They will discuss your requirements with you and using their wealth of expertise, guide you to the car that suits your needs. They work with national and international clients so you can be sure of their skills when it comes to finding a customer’s perfect match.