5 Mobile Apps For Motorbikers

Mobile Apps For Motorbikers

Biking is all about speed, freedom and performance, but owning a motorcycle can mean more accidents and higher insurance, as well as keeping the bike and your motorcycle equipment in tiptop condition – expensive.

Apps have infiltrated every area of modern living and now motorcyclists can make their ride smoother with iPhone and Android apps to help monitor motorbike performance and deal with accidents and insurance.

Mobile Apps For Motorbikers

  • Greatest Road Motorcycle Rider GPS Navigation Road Finder costs £2.99 from the iTunes store and uses Google Maps. The app charts new routes for bikers with a simple touch of the gauntlet on the iPhone screen – simple and effective and you can share you best routes with fellow bikers.
  • Decibel costs under £1 and can measure how much noise your motorcycle is generating. The Decibel app has been used by patron saint of road users Jeremy Clarkson to measure the performance of car engines. The app has a simple pointer dial with Peak, Average and Maximum volumes, so nothing too difficult to manage if you hit the road and suddenly realise your machine is pushing out the decibels.
  • Fuel Prices UK is an Android app which will check the cost of fuel across the country and direct you to the nearest, cheapest outlet. There are two levels of subscription (£4.99 and £9.99) offering different levels of info about prices at the pumps.
  • AA Fuel Prices iPhone App does for iPhone users what Fuel Prices UK does for Android bikers – checks the price of fuel at the pumps and alerts you to potential savings on petrol in your area.
  • Car Incident Assistance is a free app, which allows road users to log the details of an accident, with GPS to record the exact location – and a feature which enables bikers to record images of the accident scene as part of the accident log. You can also record damage to vehicles, add witness contact details and statements – and log whether the police attended the accident scene. Car Incident Assistance is invaluable for recording accident details for the purposes of motorbike accident insurance claims.

If you are involved in a motorbike accident through no fault of your own, also remember that you have three years to make a claim for compensation for any injuries suffered as a result. It’s a sorry fact that 16% of all road traffic accidents involve motorcycles. Stay safe with these apps.