Learn how to Calculate Car Shipping Cost

Calculate Car Shipping Cost

A recent E.ON survey revealed moving is the most stressful event, particularly if you must ship a big item like a car. You must figure out the safest and most affordable way of shipping it. Here’s a complete guide to determine the cost of auto transport from MA to FL.

Most affordable way to ship a vehicle

Everyone has a fundamental question when it comes to car shipment services; how much does car shipping cost? Car shipping quotes vary widely, but there are ways to get affordable services. For instance, having your vehicle transported on an open car carrier is more affordable than enclosed car carriers.

Savings don’t end here. You can have the car shipped from one terminal to another instead of door-to-door. However, you must arrange transportation from the terminal to your preferred location. This inconvenience translates to savings, particularly if you live near a car shipment terminal.

Should you ship a car?

Most consumers question whether car shipment services are worth it? They probably assume that driving the car is a cost-effective solution. Well, there’s nothing wrong with driving your car from one state to another. But let’s analyze the hidden costs of this option.

An unnecessary road trip from New York to Florida or Miami to Texas will put extra miles on your car. It contributes to wear and eventually lower the expected resell value of your vehicle. And if something goes wrong during your road trip, you will be on the hook for costly repairs.

The cost of shipping a car

The cost of FL to TX auto shipping services varies depending on many factors. These include;

Trip distance

The average cost per mile to ship a car varies from company to company. This cost is low for short distances particularly, a 500-mile range, and increases with the distance. That means the cost per mile for a 1000-mile range is higher than that of a 500-mile range. When comparing quotes from different car shipping companies, pay attention to the average cost per mile.

Car make & model

Once you visit an auto transporter’s website, there’s a good chance you’ll find a shipping quote calculator. This tool will offer you an instant free quote. In most cases, the calculator asks many different questions, and one of those requires you to specify the car model and make.

So, why is this factor important? A vehicle’s make and model indicates its size. Tall and long cars require more room and will cost you more to transport than cars with smaller dimensions.

Transport type

Car transport in an open carrier remains to be popular and the most affordable option. As the name suggests, these carriers don’t shelter cars from road grime and the harsh weather elements. They do not protect the vehicles from gravel, and other debris found in the roadway.

On the other hand, enclosed car carriers have a roof and walls which protect the cars from weather elements, road debris, and grime. If you intend to transport a vintage or exotic race-quality car, consider using an enclosed carrier.