The dos and don’ts of washing your car

washing your car

A sparkling car doesn’t just prove to be an element of show. If you keep your car in good cosmetic health, it doesn’t just enhance its life but also adds to its resale value. Going for regular car wash brings this wonderful benefit to your car. If you are in Edmonton, then below here are some pro tips which you should follow when doing car wash Edmonton at home or with a professional:

  1. Do not give too much of a gap between washes as the dirt, dust, debris, bird dropping and other contaminants may weaken the paint of your vehicle and make it chip off. Experts suggest that you should wash your car every one to three weeks and go for waxing every season, according to the weather conditions, driving frequency and how often the vehicle is being used.
  2. It is very important to have all the essential supplies before you begin. Your tool kit should have a bucket, a sponge, some hard and soft brushes, microfiber cloth, chamois, as well as blowers for drying. You should also have a cleaning solution.
  3. But, then again, you don’t have to use any soap or detergents. It is not permissible to use chemical soaps and cleaning solutions. Make sure the cleaning solution you use is not acidic in nature. You can always go for biodegradable soap, unscented soap or a mild detergent.
  4. Never wash your car in direct sunlight or if the finish is hot. High temperature may cause the water to evaporate quickly, thereby leaving spots and deposits on the vehicle’s paint.
  5. You should start with cleaning of the tires and wheels and then wet one part of the car at a time and clean it. Start with working from the top and proceed downward. Go for a back and forth movement rather than doing a circular scrubbing as it may leave swirl marks.
  6. Never reuse the wheel and tire cleaning equipment on the exterior of the car. They have collected sufficient dust and dirt which could scratch the paint of your car.
  7. Never forget to clean the out of sight areas such as trunk jambs and doors. Open the hood and clean the debris from the windshield base. If you reside in a muddy area or somewhere where salt is used to melt the snow, then it is very important to wash the under body of the car as it will help in the removal of these harmful deposits which may cause corrosion if ignored.
  8. It is important to read the manual before you go for car wash to know how to take care of the carpet, upholstery and trim. Before you select a cleaning product, make sure you check its efficacy at an out of sight spot such as below a set or door jamb. It will help you if it causes any damage or discoloration to your car seat, carpet or upholstery.
  9. Clean the inside of the car with the help of brushes and vacuum. Make sure you don’t forget to clean the air conditioning and heating vents.

And last tip is that if you really want the best car wash Edmonton for your vehicle, then pick a professional auto detailing company to get best results