Fall Trucker Essentials


Fall is a busy trucking season in which warm- and cold-weather driving challenges often roll together. Temperatures may remain high early in the season, but shortening days and changing light levels may impact your comfort and visibility. From Kenworth seat covers to window shades, here are a few essentials to help you make the most of time spent on the road this fall and prepare for cooler weather.

Cooler and Crockpot

Many drivers rely on coolers and other refrigeration solutions to keep beverages and food cold and fresh on the go. Adding a slow-cooking method means that you can combine meal elements such as meat and vegetables at the start of a ride and enjoy balanced and nutritious meals regardless of the route. Storing leftovers in the cooler can also help to save money on the road. Shop a variety of Iowa 80 semi truck accessories designed to make it easier to live better behind the wheel.

Exterior Lights

Shorter days are among the first signs of the changing season. During the fall and winter months, it is important to make sure that your rig has no burnt out or dim driving lights, fog lights or turn signals. Increase the visibility of your rig to other drivers on the road at night or in low-light conditions with LED marker lights for trucks. These lights are available in many different colors and shapes and are designed for use on various parts of a rig, from illuminating the interior to accentuating your mudflaps or license plates.

Seat Covers and Cushions

Upgrading your seating or seat accessories can transform the way you feel after a long drive during any season. These modifications might range from replacing the entire seat with an OEM-style or aftermarket, ergonomically-designed model to installing custom-fit Kenworth seat covers or other make- and year-model specific accessories.

Check out the design, material composition, measurements and compatible makes and models for replacement seats. You can also choose from from universal-fit, gel or memory foam seat cushions or seat covers made to fit particular truck makes and year models. Try not to scrimp on seating. You may find that a new seat, seat cover or cushion results in less discomfort due to driving.

Window Screens or Shades

Although fall weather tends to be slightly cooler than high summer temperatures, sunlight can still drive up cab temperatures. Choose from sun screens made to fit different truck makes or custom-made window shades. Check to see which windows or window sizes covers fit to ensure that you end up with the most useful options to control cab temperatures and exterior light levels.

Essentials such as Kenworth seat covers can help you prepare for driving routes of any length in greater comfort. Weather conditions in fall can range from summer-like conditions involving bright light and intense heat to fog, rain or even early snow. Autumn is also your last chance to plan ahead for the challenges that winter brings. Consider ordering a winter front and any other cold-weather accessories so that you’re ready for when the weather changes.