ELD have been a revolutionary concept which is garnering attention day by day among truck owners as well as truckers. Fleet management have never been so easier now that eld are in place everywhere. With truckers, too ELD have lasted a long impact over their activities with so many of them embracing such technological prowess with open arms. But there is an emergency within this particular business to modify the already downgraded resources which ELDs cannot work with. Upgrading and equipping trucks with modern technology is the best way to move forward with the enhanced culture of what today presents to business owners as well as end user customers.

How driver’s log helps in maintaining the business growth?

Electronic drivers log helps in substantiating trucker’s hours of service with the use of a driving log. Paper based logs have been difficult to handle and maintain given the difficulty in processing paper based logs and the ease of manipulating such logs. Truckers too will now be at ease given they can just log in into the logging device’s mainframe and get to work with the utmost comfort. This has been a much anticipated technological advancement in the field of trucking and transport which delivers to the rightful needs and demands of the customers. Ferrying heavy goods have also been made easier due to the ELD mandate for truckers as this will help keep real time track and record of their location and their hour of service and the times they are with the vehicle and not. This is a safeguard measure as well for truckers who having to travel for long hours might finally have the extra bit of protection they need to keep them traceable by authorities and safe.

How ELDs are operated at convenience?

One of the main aspects of the electronic logging device manufacturers was to provide convenient measure for truckers to log themselves without any hassle. This is why electronic logs for truckers have been the backbone of the ambition that the manufacturers wanted to create. A driver needs to provide their biometric or use the mode of registering themselves accordingly in order to log in to the servers. With cloud technology these servers are now able to maintain real time track of things happening once the driver logs in. The output and control are managed in the control room of the company. There is also another feature that is applied here. Once the driver isn’t present, the vehicle has got an eld device of its own which keeps track of their position and their current location. From subsequent fuel usage to GPS location, each gets monitored and surveyed using eld mandate.

Why to choose eld mandate?

ELD mandate have been the forefront of the use of ELD technology over the years. Armed with features such as simple installation and bluetooth equipment customers can always rely upon simplicity and convenience at its best possible mode.

Hence, this post provides extensive information on how to use the ELD and its benefits in fleet management.