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Bridgestone “Ologic” concept of fuel efficient

Bridgestone is an auto and truck parts manufacturing company based in Japan. The company aims to manufacture its tyres largely on Japanese technology. With the improvements in quality and technology, the company grew rapidly in domestic as well as international markets. On 1 March 1981, the company started its new production facility in India as well.

As of 2019, the company is the largest manufacturer of tyres in the world. It has been ranked number one in the list of top 20 tyre brands globally. In India, the brand has gained immense popularity, especially for its car tyres. The brand produces high-quality tyres that are highly durable and long-lasting. Being one of the largest tyre brands globally, Bridgestone produces top-quality tyres for various climatic and road requirements. Bridgestone has gained immense popularity by introducing several new concepts in the tyre industry.

One such concept of Bridgestone Tyres is the concept of low fuel consumption tyre technology. This concept has introduced high-performance tyres that are designed especially to reduce rolling resistance, air resistance and decreases fuel consumption. This technology is named “ologic” and it has the following features:

  • These tyres are designed with a large diameter so that the regular interaction of tyre from the road is reduced.
  • These tyres have a high internal pressure that helps them to lower the rolling resistance and reduce friction with the road. High pressure also reduces damage and deformation to the tyres.
  • The tyres have a narrow tread design that helps in lowering air resistance which in turn improves fuel efficiency.
  • These tyres are developed with the help of optimized material that reduces rolling resistance. Also with changes in the pattern and structure, the grip on a wet surface is increased.

These tyres are fuel efficient and they emit less C02 than traditional tyres. “Ecopia with ologic” tyres using “ologic” technology is being used as standard equipment on the electric car BMW i3. Apart from this, these tyres are also used on solar cars participating in the World Solar Challenge, the world’s top solar car race. The major competitor of this tyre is CEAT Fuelsmarrt. Both these tyres are fuel efficient and give tough competition to one another.

With the increasing technology in the tyre industry, many companies are coming up with new concepts like eco-friendly tyres, airless tyres, etc. This is one of the latest revolutionary concepts by Bridgestone. These tyres are long-lasting, fuel efficient and environment-friendly at the same time.

Source – TyreCafe