3 Great Additional Services That Your Local Mechanic In The UK Can Offer You.


Having a car on the road in the United Kingdom can prove to be quite expensive and before you have even taken it out onto the road, you have to pay for insurance, tax the car, put fuel in it and get it through its MOT if it is more than 3 years old. As your car gets older, more and more things can happen to it mechanically and if your car is serviced regularly, then hopefully, your mechanic will catch small things before they become big problems. The 2 things that you don’t want breaking are your engine and your gearbox because without these two things together, the car simply won’t move. If you are finding it difficult to shift gears, then it is very likely that you are going to have bigger issues with your gearbox if you don’t get it looked at now.

You can find the best gearbox repair services in Epping and while you are in there, they offer a number of other essential services for the British motorist.

  1. As mentioned, your car needs to be ready for the MOT and your local mechanic can do all the work associated with this, to make sure that it passes the test with flying colours.
  2. Tyres are an essential piece of kit on any car and your mechanic will check tyre depth and for any signs of wear on the side walls. If necessary, he will change them for you.
  3. The brakes always need to be checked for wear and tear. These are the only things stopping you on the road. The shoes, the pads and the brake lines will be checked.

Be sure to get your car serviced regularly and this way, you can avoid most of the larger issues that can befall a car.