How Much Do Cash for Cars Companies Pay for Scrap Cars


So, you’ve finally decided to sell your car that’s been sitting in the garage and collecting dust. Or maybe your car has recently been in an accident and is either undrivable, unsellable or at the very least unwanted. It’s understandable that you would want to sell it and if it has any of these qualities, a car removal company is the best bet for you!

But if this is your first time selling your car to Cash for Cars Company, you might be at risk of not getting the best price or even getting scammed by the few illegitimate junkyards. Luckily for you, we have some tips about how to know how much you can expect from a cash for cars companies, as well as how to get the best deal.

Expect A Fair Cash Offer

Cash for car companies will pay anywhere from $50 to a few thousand dollars, depending on what you have to offer. What they are paying for are all the precious scrap metals and parts inside of your car and there very rarely is much left over that they don’t recycle or reuse.

You Can Get Instant Quotes – So, Shop Around for Quotes

A good cash for cars company will be able to give you an instant quote on the telephone. This makes it easier to do the important task of contacting different cash for cars companies to get the best quote, as prices can vary a lot!

A Legitimate Cash for Cars Company Won’t Charge You for Any of Its Services

When selling your car to a car removal company – there shouldn’t be any costs such as towing fees. A disreputable company might advertise a great price but this might end up being less desirable when you take away unnecessary or even unexpected costs.

A Drivable Car Is Worth A Lot More Than an Undrivable Car

Despite being in the industry or dismantling and recycling car parts, a drivable car will lift the minimum paying price a lot. A drivable car shows that its collection of parts are working and sometimes a car might be refurbished.

The Heavier Your Car, The More Value It Will Fetch You for Its Scrap Metals

A lot of a car’s value comes from its metals and so unsurprisingly the heavier your car – the more metals it will ultimately have. This isn’t the only way of determining your car’s value, but it certainly is an important factor!

Your Car’s Working Parts Are Valuable Assets!

If your car is small and lightweight, don’t fret! There could still be very valuable parts including the engine, starter motor, alternator and onboard GPS system. Each of these will get you decent offer from a legitimate cash for cars company.

A Car’s Age Can Affect Its Price

The reality is, if your car was bought in the early 90’s, its value will go down compared to a car bought new only a few years ago. On top of this – the longer you leave your scrap car lying around idle, the more it will deteriorate and so lose even more value. In other words, the time to sell your Car for cash is now.