Jackson Motor Company – Your Trusted New & Used Car Dealer in Australia.


There are many benefits associated with buying used cars and what I love most is that used vehicles help you save money. One thing that people don’t understand is that new cars are used because of the many test drives they take. By the time you purchase that new car, it has depreciated by about $9000. Does it hurt? I know it does but don’t worry you have a choice of buying a used car as well as that of buying a new car. Again purchasing the used car will give you a durable and a reliable one since most people sell modern vehicles which are designed to last long. I understand that it is possible to get an unpleasant used car that may give you repair problems but with a good dealer of second-hand cars for sale, you can be helped out to get the best car model at a lower price, with less paperwork, and a durable one.

Australia is home of both new and used car dealers, but there is one that stands out in Tasmania. The Jackson Motor Company or JMC if you like it. This company happens to be the best New & Used car dealer. Providing the top-most services and various vehicle brands to their customers. Here you will find the most viable information on the new and second-hand cars for sale. Every prospective customer has an opportunity to find suitable vehicles that meet their needs regarding preference and financial stability. The decision-making process the customer arrives at is a product of the company’s assistance from the experts.

What JMC does is that it provides the customers with nothing but the truth, and all the details regarding the state and conditions of various second-hand cars for sale something that not every New & Used car dealer is always ready to disclose. On top of the advice and the complete information, JMC offers the best prices for a wide variety of cars. Should you need a mini or maxi of each model, you will find it at JMC Company. All the rates are published, and there are no dealer tricks to try and exploit customers. If you need an Audi, then the price for that is posted on our website, and different customers for the same product enjoy the same price

Benefits of buying your car at JMC

  • There are many kinds of vehicles with the best prices and most of them under manufacturer’s warranty
  • The company helps you finance your property at a low rate of interest
  • All the cars are well studied to determine their condition
  • The quotes are fair
  • You get the pride of buying a car from the leading company in automotive- both new and used vehicles around Tasmania
  • Buying is online. Therefore you can buy anywhere in Australia.
  • You enjoy many warranty options
  • Convenient and inexpensive delivery
  • You interact with the highly experienced team and qualified service technicians