How An Expert Recovers Your Car


When your car breaks down, it goes from being a way to get around to a serious impediment. It’s nearly impossible to move a non-functioning vehicle for any significant distance. If you break down on side of the road, you and some friends might be able to push it a few metres, but if you need to go any serious distance, you need to call recovery experts. These are tow truck drivers who will come out to where you are, pick up your vehicle, and take it wherever you need it to go. Typically, that means taking your vehicle to a mechanic to be serviced.


The methods used by experts in breakdown and recovery services in Hertfordshire depend on how your car has broken down and how far you need to go.

  • In a front-wheel drive vehicle, the back wheels tend to spin freely, but the car needs to be in neutral to spin the front tires.
  • If you can put the car in neutral, a tow truck driver might attach a bar to the vehicle and pull it. This is only adequate for very short distances, though. For example, if you break down a few blocks away from your home, a driver could use this method.
  • If you need to go any significant distance, the driver will pull the entire vehicle onto the truck with a winch and drive it to its destination.


Unloading a vehicle often takes more skill than loading it, especially if the vehicle has locked tires. If that’s the case, the driver has to essentially rock the bed of the truck and shake the car loose. If you call the right team to help you, you can have this done fairly efficiently.