Top Reasons Of Why You Should Avoid Grey Import Of Boats In Australia


Most boat buyers experience frustration when they visit service centres and dealerships only to get things not worked out as they plan. Many a times, due to dishonesty and broken promises, they end up in costlier purchases than the reasonably priced ones.

Fortunately not all dealerships are unreliable and you can get a boat without being misled or ripped off. However, taking some precautions is always beneficial, especially when you are looking forward to import a boat.

Here are some such precautions to take and points to remember.

Beware of Grey Imports

Rather than hiring a company for importing boats from USA like Dazmac Logistics or any other authorised Australian Dealer network;, when a boat is imported through an unauthorised way, it is called grey import.

Why is grey import done? Well, to some buyers it’s a thing of glamour and excitement to import a new or used American boat directly at a cheaper rate due to the strong position of Australian dollar against the US dollar and the consequential financial position of the USA.

Marine brokers and dealers are authorised to sell certain brands in Australia provided the product should meet Australian standards.

Grey (aka parallel) import may appear cheap on the face of it. But when compliance issues need to be tackled, it becomes far more expensive than regular import. Therefore it’s always advisable to turn to auhorised boat importers like Dazmac Logistics.

Several Responsibilities 

Remember that when you import a personal watercraft (PWC), boat or engine to Australia, you have to shoulder several responsibilities. These are responsibilities for all compliance issues associated to the boat.

If there is a failure, maybe it is safety, emissions or build standards, it’s you who, as the importer, is solely liable for compliance. If there is an accident, the owner and/or skipper of the watercraft may incur serious liability as per the Australian law.

What to Look for in Compliance Issues?

You should remember to look for certain compliance issues when you evaluate a product you want to import.


  • Electrical Safety Compliance: All the electrical systems on the boat should comply with Australian regulations and standards. Keep in mind that “Certified Safe” is not equal to compliant.
  • Build Specifications: Check Australian standards for build specifications like build standards, floatation standards and safety compliance and if the product you are considering comply with them.


These should include inboard/outboard motors, electronic equipment and jet skis which should have C-tick certification by the Australian Communications Management Authority. This is obligatory for any product sold in Australia.


These should be checked against the Australian Design Rules (ADR). Unless the trailer complies with this rule, it is not allowed on Australian roads.

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Why to Purchase a Boat from an Authorised Dealer?

Following are the benefits of buying a boat from an authorised dealer:

  • You can enjoy the after sales warranty, maintenance and servicing.
  • You get a boat that complies with the specifications and standards needed uniquely by the Australian market.
  • Your boat will fulfill Australian Build Specifications such as safety compliance, build standards and floatation standards.
  • All electrical components of your vessel will comply with Australian Standards and Regulations.
  • Your boat will have C-tick Certification.
  • You will get a high-quality product, supplied by a high-quality dealer because of which you can enjoy quality time on water without having to worry about something may go wrong with a “cheap” product.
  • Your trailer will be compliant to Australian Design Rules.

If you are not sure about if your dealer is authorised, contact your local state Boating Industry Association to inquire. You can even take up a BIA 50 point Safety Check for a nominal cost.

In short, stay away from the attractive yet dangerous route of grey import and enjoy having a boat bought perfectly legally.