A Guide to Buying your First Car

Young couple buys a car

It is a glorious time for any teenager, and it begins with the sheer jubilation as the driving test examiner gives you the thumbs up, and not long after that, your mind turns to owning your very first car. While it is definitely a rewarding experience, there are a few things to consider, and with that in mind, here are some useful tips to make sure you are happy with the outcome.

  • Be Realistic – It is never a good idea for a first time owner to buy a new car, as you have yet to experience driving on the roads, and indeed, you will need to gain valuable insight into driving, and if you buy a reliable used car, you can always trade it in if it isn’t to your liking. For a vast majority of young drivers, budget is a concern, and it makes sense to look at vehicles that are around ten years old, and if the previous owner(s) have looked after it, the car should still be in good working order.

  • Source Affordable Finance – Unless your parents are going to buy your first car, you will need to take out a loan, and with online auto finance companies, this stage couldn’t be any easier. The amount you can borrow would depend on your income and existing outgoings, and if you take out a 3 year loan, you should be able to buy a nice vehicle.

  • Vehicle Selection – For first time buyers, stay away from high performance cars, as you do not have the road experience to safely control such a car. If you do have dreams of owning a Mustang or Jaguar, put that on hold for a few years and gradually work your way up the performance ladder. Small engine vehicles are more economical and are the ideal starting point for a new driver.

  • Think Maintenance – Unfortunately, they have yet to make a car that you can drive forever, with only fuel to be added, and car maintenance is a part of the motorist’s life. If you are interested in mechanics and would like to learn about the inner workings of a car, now is the ideal time to start, and with online tutorials, and a good tool kit, anyone can change the engine oil and perform other essential maintenance tasks. One way or another, your car will have to be serviced, and if you aren’t keen on doing this yourself, find a local garage who can complete the work in half a day.

  • Buy from a Dealership – With your limited knowledge of cars, it isn’t a good idea to buy a used car privately, unless, of course, you have some professional help. There are online specialists who will carry out a thorough inspection of the vehicle for a reasonable cost, if you do insist on buying privately.

Once you have worked out your budget and have finance approval, then you can begin to look for the right vehicle, and with so many on the market, you will be spoilt for choice.