When you are looking for a trustworthy and cost effective mechanic for your car then make sure you have a full on research about him before hiring him. It is a precious asset of yours and you can`t give it to someone without knowledge. Let me tell you some of the guidelines by which you can find the trusted and feasible mechanic for your car


This is an era of technology and social media. Mechanics are not only sitting in shops but also their info are available on the internet. You go online, find about them. See online for automobile mechanics and read the reviews about them. Lots of users like you would recommend the mechanic or will auto refer them. Check them out and make a list of the best recommendations.


There are some organizations which authorize the best and trained mechanic. You can find through them , who is the best? Organizations like ASE(Automotive service excellence) is a good indicator to check the trusted mechanic . You can check the mechanic from their websites or stores , whom they are affiliated with. One more point to check is that do they service classic cars or specially made cars. If they do then they are good because, that need an expert.


If you find a mechanic through the online research or so then you can try him out but at first, give him small tasks about your car like, oil replacements and so on. This will give you the nice picture of him and then if he is good in that then you can hire him for all the works your car requires.


A good mechanic will never stop to answer your questions. You can ask him any question about the issue with the car or the cost of the repair in detail and so on. If he is not answering it then he is not that good or hiding it. If he is professional then not only he will tell you the issue with the car but in fact will give you an explained tour of the car, that what really is the problem with the car. Afterwards , he will tell you the exact amount of the money and also the time it will take to repair your car.


A good mechanic will give you the full quotation for the repair cost. Everything, from labor to parts to repair work and so on. He will give you a written quotation with explanation about that. He is giving you authorization that, he will not take a penny more than the actual cost he has asked in front.

TIP: Have that written quotation with you when you are paying the bill so if he charges you more than he has assigned then you can show him that and ask for reason for the cost increase. If he is good he will not charge more for more information visit