Security Chain: Why Use Anything Less Than the Best


If you’re considering the use of cable or even an armoured cable instead of chain, you may want to add one more factor to your thinking. Cable is flexible so by industrial standards, it is “soft.” A manual saw designed for use on metal can cut through cable rather quickly. If you must use cable, the armoured variety can be a compromise.

However, if you use high-quality chain designed for safety and security, it will be more than difficult to cut. So, you can also be sure that this chain will be outstanding in terms of safety as well. The two key factors in making chain to these standards are the base material used and the hardening process employed. It’s important to look at the quality of assembly, too, since welding can figure into the level of safety provided.

Securing Your Property

When you purchase security chains manufactured to the highest standards and tolerances, you’ll always have the peace of mind that your bicycle, motorcycle, or any other property is quite secure. This chain blends toughness with tensile strength using a unique alloy composition and a meticulous heat treatment process. The combination delivers an ideal core and outstanding surface hardness.

Select this chain from one of the leading suppliers in the industry and you can get it in an electroplated silver finish or the untreated black finish. If your situation calls for reliable security in a smaller and lighter-weight version, you can also get this from the top provider in the field.

Quality standards are just as high with this product as with the larger edition since the same materials and production techniques are used throughout. You won’t sacrifice a lot in terms of security, though you’ll have a more suitable chain for settings requiring less weight. There is one more factor to consider when you’re searching for the finest-quality chain in the industry: your merchant.

Array of Products

Get in touch with a well-known, trusted source for your chain needs and fitting needs so you’re sure that you always get top-shelf products and outstanding customer service. The range of products available is almost too long to list in a limited space. That product range includes chains of the highest quality, of course, but also includes fittings for lifting and lashing, for mechanical handling, and for tyre protection and traction.

If your task involves lifting pumps safely and securely, you’d be wise to choose the stainless steel pump-lifting chains that have set the standard in the water industry. In many settings, this chain is requested by name when utility companies are purchasing. The manufacturer has expanded the product portfolio with a range of plate-lifting clamps, lifting magnets, and DNV master links.

Visit the website and use the convenient contact form for special requirements. This will put you in touch with a knowledgeable and experienced member of the team who’ll take the time necessary to understand your specific needs. If supply time is a concern, you’ll be happy to know the leading suppliers maintain large product inventories, which means that you can have your order the next day if required.