Not Car Service, But A Legal Requirement


The UK Government’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) has merged Vehicle and Operator Services Agency(VOSA) with Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to create the Driver and the Vehicle Standards Agency(DVSA) in 2014. As per the legislation, cars and automobiles have to be checked for MOT Test on an yearly basis. We provide the best maintenance and repair services along with MOT Uxbridge residents can ensure their car’s safety and emission standards at our nearest garage any day of the week.

You can have regular car service as per the manufacturer’s recommendations as and when it is required. But the MOT test is a mandatory requirement as per law, and you should get your car or automobile inspected for both safety and emission standards compliance. This ensures that your vehicle is not only in safe working condition, but also complies with environmental requirements. Pollution is a big concern in modern world, and climate change with global warming has only made matters worse. Civilized and concerned citizens should apply their awareness and contribute to environmental health with the help of regular car checks and MOT tests.

A regular car service can be a simple affair or a tedious one with complete or full service, based on how you use the car. With good maintenance and careful usage, you can avoid regular service to save some cash. You cannot however avoid the mandatory annual certification from MOT Uxbridge owners of cars and motorcycles have to provide the vehicle’s make and registration number to our dealer during the test. New vehicle owners also have to comply with the local laws and get a MOT Test within 3 years of car’s registration. We offer the most efficient service and MOT for your vehicle at our garage, as long as you have the number plate ready with you.

The local authorities warn all the car drivers that MOT-less vehicle owners will be liable for prosecution. The regional police and the DVSA officers have the legal authority to conduct random or spot checks for valid MOT certificates. Ensure that your car is fighting fit for passing the MOT test by hiring our best mechanics. You can also drop off your vehicle at our nearest auto servicing centre. We offer a simple service with efficient maintenance of your car’s lights, horn, battery, electrical wiring, steering, and suspension. The brakes, pedaling, and wiper blades are also checked with special emphasis on all the signaling lights. Our service also covers exhaust and emission systems, viewing mirrors, seat belt and restraint systems.

The police and DVSA officers not only check the registration papers, but also walk around the vehicle while you operate in the driver’s seat. Even well-maintained and regularly serviced cars are susceptible to failure at the time of the MOT Uxbridge services offered by our expert mechanics are specially devised to help you with the MOT clearance. Our solutions also include parts checking, MOT certificate replacement due to loss or damage, recording test results, and general guidance and tips to the vehicle owners.

Do you drive a car or motorcycle then pick up the mobile and call our help desk now! Know more about requirements, faults, and fails during MOT Uxbridge vehicle owners have our patient and friendly ears and voices – 7 days a week. Or, You can drive into our auto service centre today!