What Should You Do If You Have A Motorbike Accident?

Female Lawyer or notary in her office

Motorbikes make up a fraction of the traffic in Australia and yet they are involved in a high percentage of accidents. You should always take care when you are driving on the roads so that you will minimise the chances that you collide with another vehicle.

Unfortunately, you might find that you are unlucky and that you are involved in an accident. There are several key things to do if you are involved in a crash.

Contact A Motorbike Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in the crash or your bike has been badly damaged, then it is a very good idea to contact a motorbike accident lawyer in Sydney. They will be able to tell you if you have a case for pressing charges or claiming compensation against the other person who was involved in the accident. You will have a clear idea of your options after you have spoken to the lawyer.

It is not a good idea to use a lawyer just because they have the cheapest rates. You might find that the lawyer with the cheapest rates in town is not very knowledgeable or organised. If you pay higher rates, you will get a better level of service.

Swap Insurance Details With The Other Driver

One of the first things you should do, if you are not badly injured, is to swap insurance details with the driver of the other vehicle. This will allow you to make a full claim in order to gain compensation from the crash. If you don’t swap the details, this could slow down the claim process.

Swap Contact Details With The Other Driver

Give the driver your phone or email address so that you can keep each other updated with the insurance claims. This will make the entire process very easy.

Get Yourself Checked For Injuries

You can go to the hospital in order to get yourself checked for injuries. If you are submitting a compensation claim then any injuries sustained will be an important factor in the case.

Take Photographs Of The Crash Scene And Of The Damaged Bike

After the crash, it is a good idea to take photographs of the crash scene and to take pictures of the damaged vehicles. If you decide to use a motorbike accident lawyer in Sydney then these photographs can be used as evidence to build a case. You can take pictures of things such as broken glass from the impact of the crash and the skid marks make by the tires on the road.

Try And Collect Witness Statements

Unless you are in a very remote area, there should be some witnesses who happened to see the crash. You will need to act quickly in order to get witnesses to share their contact details because most people move on after seeing an accident. Don’t try and pressure people into doing it, they will be able to give witness statements if they want to.

It is important to be methodical and not to panic after a motorbike crash. Try and find a quality lawyer by getting testimonials from family and friends.