How Can You Find A Good Mechanic For Mercedes Service?


The Mercedes-Benz is one of the best luxury cars in the world and when you drive your Mercedes, you need to be very careful about the car’s technical and spare part problems. It is suggested to hire the Mercedes authorized service center for repairing purposes, and you should not install any duplicate spare parts in your Mercedes, otherwise it will be damaged very soon.

How do you maintain your Mercedes car?

  • You should always park the car on a level service and switch off the engine for about 5 minutes if the engine is at normal operating temperature. If it has only started briefly, then you should switch it off for 30 minutes at least, so the oil can come out of the engine and into the reservoir.
  • You should take off the dipstick from the dipstick guide tube and wipe off the oil from it as well. Then, you should allow the oil dipstick to slide till the stop in the glide tube and then it should be again taken out. The oil should be between the min and max mark. You need to check the oil level and if there is required then you have to add oil in this part on time.

It is essential to check the quality of the coolant and the level of the distilled water

  • You should see that you have a 50/50 mix of distilled water and coolant. This will not only prevent corrosion and deposits from the interior of the cooling system but will also keep it in good shape. In order to check the level of the coolant, when the engine has cooled off and the car is in a level position, you should turn the Smart Key in the ignition lock to position 2 and then check the temperature of the coolant which is displayed in the instrument cluster. If coolant has to be added, the cap needs to be turned to half a turn anticlockwise so that the excess pressure can escape and then coolant should be added.
  • The underside of the vehicle needs to be hosed off so that the grime can be removed. Moisture should not be allowed in the nooks and crannies.
  • The brake level fluid should be checked as well as unusual sounds when braking. Similarly, you should also check if there is any pulling when brakes are applied.

How do you save your Mercedes car?

  • The tires should be properly inflated and all should have the same pressure. You need to check the tire on regular basis and this car does not have any tube tire and you can have to replace the tire due to any leakage.
  • The car should always be parked in the shade or a car cover needs to be used so that the paint is always fresh and shiny. This will prevent the sun’s rays from fading it too. Also, the car needs to be waxed to protect the paint as well.
  • Brakes need to be checked periodically for worn pads or if there are excessive grooves in the drum.
  • A good mechanic and one who is used to Mercedes electrical systems should be engaged. You should not engage any mechanic who repairs cars routinely. This is because the electrical system needs checking and that is very specific to Mercedes cars.

Now if you want to hire some Mercedes service then you can search online and you will find many Mercedes car authorized service centres in your locality. Before you hire the service, you need to check their certification and authentication. Along with that, you have to ask them about the additional insurance coverage during the servicing period.