Step-By-Step Guide on Repairing Small Damages on your Windshield


Whether it is a stone struck repair or crack repair that you want done, it is necessary for you to act as soon as possible. A small issue can lead to bigger windshield damage if remedies aren’t implemented immediately. Repairing that protective part of your car as soon as damage is incurred will save you from spending on general repair and replacement of the glass. It will also make sure that it serves its purpose of protecting you and the interior of your car while traveling.

Here are a few things you should have and know about for the repair process:

  • Supplies and tools – a windshield repair kit should always be ready in the car. You can buy these from auto parts shops which will include a mirror. An injector, a bridge. Repair resin, plastic curing tab, razor blades and dremel tool that will handle cracks properly.
  • Make sure that the damaged area is free from tiny pieces of glass caused by the chip or the crack. Any stone struck repairprocess should make sure that loose pieces are removed from the damaged area and other parts surrounding it.
  • Use a suction cup tool that is firmly pressed into place making sure that the suction are properly attached to the windshield. Make sure that the center tool is directly covering the chip. Never start the process if the tool is moving or is not in the right position.
  • After making sure that the suction cup tool is securely fastened, open the glue or the super juice and put a few drops into the center of the tool. Most people put 2 drops however, you can choose to add more depending on what you think will be enough to deal with the intensity of the damage.
  • If the repair resin drops are placed, quickly use a plunger to put pressure on the repair resin. If once done, loosen the plunger a little to allow bubbles to escape and retighten immediately.
  • Remove the suction tool from its attachment to the windshield once the resin has fully penetrated the chip or the crack. To seal the process, quickly attach a finishing film all over the area. A razor blade will help you scrape of leaked resin and will allow for the film to be evenly spread into the area.
  • Allow the resin to dry as long as you want. Usually, ten minutes will be more than enough to make sure that everything has dried out.

Repair or Replace

It is always for you to decide whether your windshield should be repaired or replaced.Most Kiveniskemän korjaus guides will allow you to check on the depth, location, size and type of damage before opting any of the two options. For instance, cracks are inherent and small cracks that do not go beyond 20mm can be repairable. However, multiple cracks cannot be dealt with ordinary DIY repair at home. On the other hand, a qualified repair technician can do the evaluation of the damage if you think you cannot decide alone.