Top Reasons to consider a hybrid car for your next buy


Rising fuel cost and increasing pollution levels are the main reasons why hybrid cars have started garnering a lot of attention now. To bank on this popularity, many car makers are now coming up with Hybrid cars. These are better for the environment and also light on your pocket for the long run. However, the acquisition cost of a hybrid car is much higher than its conventional counterparts, which forces you to give it a second thought.

The question is, should you go for a hybrid car? Here we discuss five reasons why you should consider buying a hybrid car as your next ride.

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Reasons to buy a hybrid car

As good as conventional counterparts

There’s simply no difference between a conventional car and a hybrid car, except for the mechanicals. It has the same speed and acceleration of a conventional car and it can cruise along the highway with same ability. Added advantage is, sometimes you won’t be hearing engine noise, so better NVH levels. The engine completely shuts down when you stop on a red light, so lesser toxic fumes and greener world. Above all you don’t need to charge a hybrid car like an all electric car, the electric motor regenerates energy while you de-accelerate and apply break, which charges the battery pack.

Economical to run

Unlike its conventional counterparts Hybrid cars are far more economical to run. The motor totally shuts down while you de-press the throttle and revs up again when you push it back, which means you don’t waste fuel or transmit poisonous gases. Hybrids run on a combination of rechargeable battery and fuel as opposed to fuel alone, but the power shift between the fuel engine and electric motor is so seamless that you’re probably going to disregard all the new innovation taking you forward. The combination of electric motor and fuel engine provides better mileage than normal cars that run on fuel only.

You will be saving the world

On the off chance that you like the thought of leaving the world a superior place for your children, driving a hybrid is one great approach to get it done. Like we always say our actions speak louder than our word. Owning an eco-friendly car accomplishes more to bestow natural qualities to your children than innumerable discussions. Use a hybrid car to make this planet a safer place for our future generations.

You will get benefits from the government

To promote eco-friendly vehicles, the government has formally announced the FAME India scheme offer. It offers incentives on electric and hybrid vehicles of up to Rs 29,000 for bikes and Rs 1.38 lakh for cars. According to the scheme, depending upon innovation, battery operated scooters and bikes will be qualified to request incentives between Rs 1,800 to Rs 29,000. When it comes to three wheelers, one is eligible to get incentives from Rs 3,300 and Rs 61,000. In four-wheelers, the incentives go from Rs 13,000 to Rs 1.38 lakh, while in light commercial vehicles it is from Rs 17,000 to Rs 1.87 lakh, and for buses it is from Rs 34 lakh to Rs 66 lakh.

It will boost your coolness quotient

Hybrid is a new technology altogether. So when you will be driving your uber cool hybrid vehicle then be ready to be the talk of the town. From the neighboring aunty, to the girl next door, for the angry uncle to the cool college dude, everyone will stare at your vehicle. However you might need to help them understand what the Hybrid technology is actually.

So, if you are thinking of buying an uber cool hybrid car, then go for it. It will help you to cut down the running costs, carbon emission etc. Additionally it also increases the gap of visiting petrol pumps regularly.