Common Air Conditioning Problems in Your Car


Most people think that the air conditioner in their car is a single unit. However, that’s not true at all. Instead, the air conditioner actually consists of a number of different components working in tandem with each other. The cooling coils, the blower motor and the compressor are the most important components that must work together to regulate the temperature within the interior cabin of your car. However, there are plenty of common problems that can arise in your car’s air conditioner. You should get them checked in a timely fashion in order to avoid major issues in the future. Following are three areas your mechanic should check:

Reduced Air Flow

If you are running the air conditioner on full blast and still unable to get decent air flow through the air vents, it might be due to a blockage in the blower motor. Over time, dust tends to settle inside the blower motor, reducing the flow of air through the vents. You should take your car to a professional Bexhill-On-Sea car air conditioning company for repairs. The mechanic will remove the blower motor from under the dashboard and clean it thoroughly before fitting it back in place.

Improper Cooling

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling properly, it might be due to a lack of refrigerant gas in the coils. Leakages in the cooling coil are extremely common. Before refilling the gas in the refrigerant tanks, the mechanic will carefully check the coils and the pipes under the bonnet for leakages. The leakage must be sealed before the tanks are refilled.

Soiled Condenser

Over the passage of time, the condenser can get blocked due to dirt, grime and grease build-up. The mechanic will remove the condenser unit from the car and then use a high quality flushing agent to remove all blockages from the condenser before fitting it back in place.