Maintaining Your Vehicle through Regular Car Service

Car Service

For prolonged use of car, it is very important to get it serviced at regular intervals. In fact, timely car service ensures the safety of the driver and increases the vehicle’s efficiency. Whether it is a broken taillight, failed brakes or old tires, you cannot overlook even a single detail of your car. However, the experts should always do the car servicing. These professionals have the right knowledge, tools and skills to handle any car issue and get it fixed in the most appropriate style. You can search for one such car servicing on the internet easily.

Types of car services

  1. Interim car service- This service is done after the car has covered 6000 miles and has completed its six months. At this point of time, your car does not require any major servicing and replacements. In interim service, the professionals replace the oil filter, drain the engine oil, refill it, and ensure that there are no excessive oil leaks. Interim is the first servicing session of your car from the time you have bought it, so only the essentials are checked. The servicing company may also check the interval of timing belt replacement.
  1. Full service- The full service is required after a year when your vehicle has covered 12,000 miles. Besides the things covered in interim service, the professionals here also check the condition of the radiator, coolant cap seals, condition of the cooling fan, adjust those auxiliary drive belts and also adjust the tension of the fan. The gearbox is also checked during full service and the battery condition is also considered. The car service company also checks the dashboard warning lights, steering & suspension components and a visual check for exhaust smoke.
  1. Major service- After two years from the date of buying and covering 24,000 miles, your car is in need of major service. Here, everything covered during interim and full service is checked with the addition of further inspections too. The cooling system of the car is drained out and is replaced with a coolant, spark plugs & fuel filters are replaced, effectiveness of the starter motor is checked and the brake fluid is also replaced. It includes the examination of every detail of the car in order to keep it in the perfect condition.

How to avoid heavy car service bills?

Car owners can avoid hefty car servicing bills by maintaining the car on their own. Few things can be taken care of without the need of professionals. You can clean the car seats once or twice a week to get rid of those spilled coffee stains and accumulated dust. Even wiping the wiper blades is also very easy that can be done without any hassles. You must clean the wiper blades with the paper towel and make sure that they are dry before the further use.

Since tires are the most important part of the car, you should keep a regular check on them. It is significant to maintain the tire pressure at all times for a smoother journey. Besides this, car owners must always avoid washing their car in the heat. Yes, cleaning the car under direct sunlight can leave spots on it and can result in a foamy deposit. In case you are not able to set things right, you can simply go through the user manual of your car.

Your car manual also gives information on when your vehicle needs an oil change. Keep that in mind, for car service shops are quick to fleece unsuspecting customers.

So, these are the various tips for car service which helps you to maintain your vehicle in regular basis.