Look After Your Car’s Brake And Clutch Services Regularly


Most of us are familiar with terms like brakes, clutches, steering, etc. These are common words in the world of vehicles! Those of us who drive know the importance of a brake and clutch too. Driving would be impossible without them. Our feet impulsively, reflectively know what to do when we need to slow down. But with such important parts of our cars, do we really know what they really are? Do we know how important it is to get a regular brake and clutch service done; or why to get a service done? Let’s delve into this in brief.

Brake And Clutch Services Coburg


A brake is a kind of mechanical tool or equipment which inhibits motion; it slows down or stops a vehicle. This is mostly done by using friction or in other words by absorbing the energy of the moving system. Brakes are usually applied to moving or rotating wheels or axles. Some vehicles might make use of the combination of braking techniques. For example, drag racing cars use both a parachute and wheel brakes; airplanes use both drag flaps and wheel brakes. Brakes make the use of friction in between two surfaces and they convert the kinetic energy to the moving object into heat energy.


Sometimes we tend to take our brakes for granted. The car ahead of us slows down or the light changes and we just use the brakes. Sometimes, we tend to overuse it or have a heavy foot. This can reduce the life of our equipment by applying too much heat on the rotors or pads. These kinds of indiscretions can make us regret later. Keep in mind some points for your car before it goes to these services.

Detection of Problems –

  • The driver’s feel is one of the best detectors of problem. A vibration or the feeling of needing more force to stop the vehicle or an unnatural noise and we should know that it’s time to get the brakes checked.
  • The best thing would be to have a regular maintenance program going on. Usually, the thumb rule is to check the brake pads for every 12000 miles.
  • Also changing the brake fluid every 20000 or 25000 miles is a good idea.

Clutch –

Clutch is a mechanical tool that disengages or engages the transmission of power to the driven shaft from the driving shaft. It is used when the transmission of motion or power need to be controlled. This system is based on the friction between the pressure plate and flywheel and at one time these parts will wear out and will require replacement.

Detection of Problems

  • The slipping of the clutch is the most common problem and usually it is due to the abuse of driver or overloading.
  • Besides this, it can also grab or stick which in car terms is called chattering. This could be because the cable needs to be replaced or the flywheel is damaged or maybe oil contamination of the linings.
  • The best way to know a problem is always use driver intuition and rely on his ears. Any strange noise is definitely not normal. If so, it’s probably time to replace the clutch.

Frankly, all the above goes hand in hand. Regular Brake and Clutch Services is the key to a healthy car. There are probably service centers in every nook and corner. However, it’s best to look and research and go to the best. Also it is better to keep your car regular Brake and Clutch Service rather than keep changing. Follow your intuition, listen to your car and never ignore any signs that you may think are abnormal. It is always better to be careful and happy.