Picking Between Toyota & Ford Cars


Today we’ll talk about the difference between Toyota and Ford – the biggest automobile corporations to date. Ford is all about that strong, mighty approach, while Toyota wins over customers with impressive efficiency, sleek designs and class-leading reliability and durability. Everything you read in the article is partially influenced by this website, so, make sure to check it out.

Did you know that back in 1926 (that’s 90 years ago!) Mr. Sakichi Toyoda (or, should I say, Sakichi-sun) established the Toyoda corporation. Yes, that’s what it was called back then, and the truth is, the company wasn’t even involved into manufacturing cars. However, in 1933 the Toyota (with a “T”) as we know it today was created by the man’s son, Kiichiro Toyoda. The new “subsidiary” was intended for world-wide domination, and, as we know today, they succeeded. The Toyota Motor Corp is currently a huge corporation, a beast-of-a-company. Overall, they’re employing more than 300K employees all over the globe. The Toyota franchise has more than 500 plants here and there, while the HQ (headquarters) is in hometown, Japan. And it’s the biggest and the wealthiest automobile maker, with a #9 spot in the Fortune 500 list. Hey, have you ever had to pick between a Ford and a Toyota car? I bet you had some troubles with the pick, right? True, both brands are equally great and have impressive line-ups of quality cars, but they’re not really the same. You’ve got different approaches, politics, marketing, different engines, powertrain, designs – everything.

Toyota Ford

Ford – The American Way: Bold & Mighty

There’s one thing that both companies have in common, and that’s professionalism. These guys take their jobs seriously and won’t back down – ever. And it takes a lot of work to create a hit: they’re spending big-time budgets and sleepless nights trying to perfect every last single element, be it on the exterior or in the interior. The exterior design has to be catchy, while on the inside you gotta provide comfort and utility. The construction platform is designed in a way to allow for better handling and improved fuel-efficiency. Ford, for one, has a pretty impressive selection of sedans, SUVs, trucks and hybrids, so, you won’t have a problem with lack of talent, trust me. And they’ve got all the latest tech and safety equipment to top that off, too. Ford cars are usually all about that true American swagga, even the most basic and affordable models. Behind the wheel of a Ford you’ll feel in control.

Toyota – The Japanese Way: Reliable, Safe & Catchy

As for Toyota, they’ve got that mysterious Japanese vibe going on. Plus, the company is all about public trust and respect, so, if you purchase a Toyota car, you just know that it won’t let you down. Furthermore, they’ve got the luxury brand, Lexus, doing great in America and Europe. Toyota has been a part of the car business since the mid 1930s. And they never stopped surprising the world with top-notch and high-quality cars and tech. When it comes to durability, reliability and dependability (no, it’s not the same thing), the Japanese giant is far ahead of the game. People all around the world pick Toyota because of the sleek design, mighty powertrains, solid fuel-efficiency, and, of course, affordable price-tags. Probably the most popular cars from the Japanese manufacturer are the best-selling Camry, Corolla,  Tundra and Prius. The company is also known for exceptional SUVs, crossovers and sedans – just the perfect cars for a big, happy family. You’ve got the Highlander, RAV4, Sienna, etc, etc. Toyota is a well-trusted brand worldwide and auto insurance agencies will offer you pretty great deals and even lower their rates a bit. In addition, tons of lease/loan options are available. And one last thing – Toyota cars have market-leading resale values, keep that in mind. So, the next time you’re at a dealership picking your next perfect car, check out this company’s line-up. I’m sure you’ll find something that’s just perfect for you.