What steps should be taken if you put petrol in a diesel car

diesel car

If you happen to make the mistake of putting petrol in a diesel car you will know what a headache it can be to rectify. Fortunately nowadays there are mobile petrol in diesel car experts to resolve the problem at your location, instead of having the vehicle towed to a garage for them to complete the work. This service saves the motorist time and money, which in our modern day society is very important.

So you have put petrol in a diesel car, what do you do now?

Firstly you must not start the car or turn the key in the ignition as this may activate the fuel pump in order to prime the fuel system and will cause the contaminated fuel to travel around the fuel system. Doing this may result in extensive damage being caused to the fuel system and its components cost thousands of pounds to repair.

Next, you should get in contact with a petrol in diesel car technician to drain and flush the fuel system so that no remaining contaminated fuel is left in the fuel system.
Once this has been done the technician will then add the correct fuel to the vehicle and it can then be started so that you can continue your journey.

The fuel drainage process normally takes around 30-40 minutes depending on your vehicle and how much fuel has been put in it. The vehicle will be connected up to specialist equipment to drain the entire vehicle and its components of the wrong fuel.

diesel car

Unfortunately not everyone realizes their mistake when they are filling up their car and many motorists put the wrong fuel in their car and proceed to drive the vehicle on the wrong fuel. If this is the case, a fuel drainage company can still attend your vehicle but it will take slightly longer for the work to complete and it may in some cases be more expensive than if it has not been driven. Putting the wrong type of fuel in a car has become such a common mistake in the UK that it is ranked in the top 5 causes for breakdowns, on average it happens over 160,000 times a year.
Its still possible to put diesel in a petrol car, although it is not as common, this is because the diesel nozzle is bigger than the petrol and this makes it extremely difficult to put the nozzle in a petrol cars filler neck as the neck is too small. We must point out at this point that it isn’t impossible and you can forcefully push the nozzle far enough into the filler neck to start filling up the vehicle. Some manufacturers are now starting to put devices on vehicle to stop this sort of thing from happening.