How to choose the best narrow aisle lift truck


To optimize the process of loading, transportation and unloading of goods in warehouses today successfully used the most diverse storage equipment. Lift trucks are the universal reliable equipment, without which today warehouse of any type simply can not do!


Agree, such equipment as a lift truck, for example, should be bought for the long term. By investing your funds in such equipment, what do you expect from it? It is probable that:

  • The machine will have excellent maneuverability, which has a positive impact on the movement of goods in different directions in a limited space.
  • The best narrow aisle lift truck should combine high performance and efficiency, thereby reducing operating costs.
  • Technical performance of the best narrow aisle lift truck will allow to achieve high reliability of the truck, which allows minimizing losses during downtime technology.
  • Service of the best narrow aisle lift truck will be simple and convenient, and cost of ownership of technology – minimum.
  • Prices for the best narrow aisle lift truck will meet its high quality.

What about the operator? For him, in the best narrow aisle lift truck at the first place is the ease of operation. To do this, the best narrow aisle lift truck must have an excellent ergonomics, creating a high level of comfort and circular view that a positive effect on productivity. In addition, the truck can be equipped with a special closed cabin, through which the operator can use the equipment in all weather conditions.

Such “smart” and reliable lift trucks offered by a lot of different companies in Canada. The nice companies establish strong partnerships with reputable global manufacturers of warehouse equipment. And here you should not only choose the best company, but also find out what the lift truck do you need.

What lift truck and for what purpose – we put task and find a solution.

For example, your warehouse is characterized by such nuances:

  • The transportation of large bulk cargo;
  • The high traffic and high intensity of care goods;
  • The main activities and work carried out in the open air;
  • The freight carried over long distances.

In this case, you need the best narrow aisle lift truck running on diesel, gasoline or LPG.

For example, at your stock is observed:

  • High intensity of care goods;
  • Freight carried over long distances;
  • The cargo handling is performed in trucks, warehouses or outdoors.

For your warehouse would be the best the type of electric lift truck.

For example, at your stock is carried out:

  • The work with heavy and over-sized cargo;
  • The movement of goods is carried over long distances.

In this case, it is best to choose the type of heavy-diesel truck.

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