Top 6 Questions You Should Ask an Auto Repair Shops

When your car is damages due to accident or is not working properly then the first thing you will think about is getting your car repaired at auto body repair shop. When choosing the Auto Body Repair Shop you must take time and do some research to select the Best Detroit Auto Body Shop. You are in search of reputed auto body shop then you may visit online websites that offers ratings and reviews of auto body shop according to the specified location. After selecting the shop ask your doubts and queries to receive high-quality auto body repair work.

Here are some Questions that should ask before considering the Auto Body Shop for your Car Repair.

Try to know more about the auto body repair. After reading the online reviews and recommendations you will get a good idea about the auto body repair work. Here some questions that you can ask your auto body shop after reading the online reviews.

  • Will I get receive text or email notifications about the car repair status?
  • How often will I get the car repair status notification?
  • Do the Repair updates can be reviewed online?
  • What type of Warranty Comes with Auto Body Repair Work? Also, ask them what it will cover and how long does it last.
  • Do they Provide Rental Cars or Provide Loaner Cars?

When your car is repairing, you might need another car for use. So many Auto Body Shops provide Rental, loaner or a courtesy car while yours is in the Auto Body Shop. Some auto body shops have their rental car facility nearby the Auto Body Shop for their customers and Some Shops offers Loaner and Courtesy Car for you to use, while your car is in repair.

How much time does the auto body repair will take?

This the most important question that you should ask to your Auto Body Shop. However, the answer may vary from shop to shop depending upon the several factors like technicians, level of repairs, how busy the auto body shop is? And many more.

But asking this question will help you know whether you will get your car at your desired time or not? If the shop is too busy and you need it urgently, then you might go to another Auto Repair Shop

What Color of Paint are they going to Use for your car? If the repair involves painting, then you should ask your auto body shop which paints they are going to use and will it match the rest of the car. Make sure they use exact color and not the similar colour for your car.

What is their payment policy?

The Best Detroit Auto Body Repair Shops post their payment policy and methods on their website and also display them in the shops so that customers can see them easily. The payment policy will include all the elements like Material, labour rates, and warranties etc. In case you don’t see the payment policies ask your auto body shop about them.

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