Six Cleaning Tips for RV Buyers

RV Buyers

Whether you have been travelling all winter or hibernating in the South with snow birds, there’s every possibility of dust, grime, bird droppings or other natural pollutants accumulating on your motor home. To preserve their value and make them more fun to drive, like any other piece of equipment, you need to take a routine care of your recreational vehicle, too. You may bring your vehicle to commercial professional truck washing center, but if you are a perfectionist, you might want to do it in a better way yourself. Here are few tips on how to clean the exteriors of a motor home.

RV Buyers

Rinse down

First, brush off the loose dust, and rinse with plenty of water. For all the fancy gadgets out there, it is hard to clean with an ordinary hand sprayer. Therefore, you need to buy a power hand sprayer that can redirect the adjustable spray in any direction. The telescopic wand and three-position off-high-low thumb switch make reaching the roof easy without a ladder. With big stuff rinsed off properly, it’s time to move on to the more important part, i.e. washing with soap. You must use motor home cleaning soaps to do the job in a better way. If your motor home looks very dirty, you cannot clean it with a hose. You can use a bug sponge that can speed up the job.


Start with the roof by applying a cleaning solution on to the end of a long handled brush. Set the ladder’s platform or scaffold plate at the right height so that you can reach across the roof and clean it properly. You need to apply horizontal strokes across the top of the roof by applying adequate pressure to completely wipe off the residual dirt and grime lest it can cause mould or damp.

Side panels

Use a soft brush, micro-fiber cloth or noodle mitt to clean the panels around the doors and the windows, thoroughly. Let the cleaning solution soak for up to 10 minutes before rinsing off with a brush. However, you should not use any harsh liquid soap to clean the panels of your motor home because it can be corrosive. If you used it by mistake, apply a layer of polish straightway to preserve its protective coating.


Sponge down your windows properly to remove grit. Once you have removed all trapped, stubborn dirt and suds, you can use everyday glass or window cleaner to add shine to it.


Next and perhaps one of the most important steps after washing is drying the vehicle else there will be ugly water patches. Once you have finished cleaning the exteriors of the motor home, you can let it dry naturally. Alternately, you can use a drying towel tied to a long brush, and dab it on the rig from all sides.


Sparkling wheels are must if you want to give a perfect clean look to your vehicle. There is a range of spray-on-tyre and wheel cleaners available in the market to get rid of brake dust and road grime.

Wax it up

As a final touch add some shine and glow with a coat of fine wax. Waxing the exterior can be a difficult job but it will help you extend the life of your RV by many years. Buy a wax formulation that suits the type of your RV’s exterior and give it an ultimate wrap up.

There’s nothing like hitting the roads in a clean and swish vehicle and making your neighbors jealous. An RV buyer must follow these simple cleaning tips much to his neighbors envy, and well, to keep his vehicle in tip top condition, too.

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