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Something is Wrong: What to Do About That Dent in Your Car

When you cannot control the damage done to your car’s body, it can be extremely irritating. So what are you supposed to do when your new car has a new scratch? Here’s what to do.

Assess the Damage

Light damage on the exterior of the vehicle (or body, as it’s commonly referred to) needs to be assessed right away. Locate the origin of the damage if possible. In some cases, damage is caused by nearby vehicles and drivers without them realising it at the time. Light damage can be caused by the smallest bumps. Drivers might not realise that they’ve struck your vehicle with theirs, and might still be nearby. Any indications of paint that does not belong to your vehicle (because it is a different colour) might be able to be matched to a nearby vehicle.

If you have found the source of the damage, write down the make and model of the car belonging to the other driver and take a picture of the other vehicle’s license plate, and do the same for yours. You might even be able to find corresponding damage on the other vehicle. Take pictures of both your vehicle and the other driver’s in order to set up an insurance claim if needed. If the damage is minor and can be fixed with a cloth and some cleaning fluid, be polite and recognise this was an accident, and fix it yourself.

Go to a Professional for Damage You Can’t Fix

Try looking for Macclesfield car body repairs to find a professional that can fix damage that you cannot. Professional car mechanics often have tools and parts that other people do not have. They can repair your car and get rid of those dents and scratches.

Accidents happen. It’s part of life, and sometimes a car mechanic is needed to return your car to its former glory. When you cannot fix it yourself, see a professional to get rid of the stress of the exterior damage you hate looking at.

Repair & Maintenance

Tips for Winter Car Storage

In many parts of the Midwest and Northeastern United States, many people own cars that they only use in the summer. When the warm weather winds down, they need to find a way to store their summer vehicle safely until the following year. People also need to store their cars when they go on extended vacations or leave the country for a stint working overseas.

Why can’t you just leave a car parked?

According to the automotive experts at Rockland Chrysler Jeep Dodge, cars, like other machines containing moving parts, do not take well to disuse. One of the main areas of concern is that internal parts lose lubrication and jam up. The best way to store a car would actually be to not store it at all — you should either drive the car for a few minutes each week or have someone do it for you. Your car will be in great shape when you come back. If you can’t manage this, careful storage is the only alternative.

Here are several tips that show you what you need to do.

Clean it well

It might seem like a waste of time to clean a car and wax it before you put it away. This is a necessary step, though, because when paintwork remains in contact contaminants such as water salts or bird droppings for months, it corrodes. You should clean up every part of your car before storing it.

Freshen up all fluids

Every car manual reminds owners to get an oil change done before beginning long-term storage. If the engine contains old oil, contaminants in it may corrode the engine. You should also top off the fuel tank to make sure that there is no room for moisture condensation and add in a product like Sta-Bil — it helps protect the engine and fuel system from rust and from standing fuel. It also makes sure that the fuel doesn’t deteriorate.

Take care of the battery

The charge in your car’s battery will not last more than a month in storage. You should buy a trickle charger, plug it into a wall outlet and connect it to the battery keep it charged up.

Disengage the parking brake

If you leave the parking brake engaged for weeks, the brake pads can fuse with the rotors. You should find another way of keeping the car from moving.

Mind the tires

If you are going away for any more than 30 days, you should get jack stands and take the tires off. If you don’t take this necessary step, you’ll come back and find your tires in a withered heap on the floor. Prolonged storage in this manner can result in the wheels getting flat spots and going out of round.

Keep pests out

Rats tend to be a real threat to stored cars. The go into car exhaust system, chew on wires and build their nests under the hood. There is no completely reliable way of keeping rats away from a car in storage. According to automotive site, your best bet is to wrap the car up well in plastic and place mouse traps and mothballs all around.

Once you’re ready

If you do a thorough job storing your car the right way, you’ll have very little work to do when summer comes ‘round again. You’ll simply need to put tires on again, wash your car and drive away.

Repair & Maintenance

Get It Replaced or Fix It Yourself?

We’ve all been there, driving peacefully down the highway when WHAM, a giant rock or shrapnel from another car slams into the windshield and chips or cracks it. It seems that insurance companies always price windshield repairs to just meet the deductible limit, which means you are paying for the fix from your own pocket. The truth is that some windshield damage is easy to repair and can be a simple DIY project, while other damage requires a professional touch. Here is a look at the various types of windshield damage and some advice on how to address each.

Rock Chips

According to Lloyd’s Auto Glass, the simplest type of damage occurs when debris removes a small splinter of glass, called a chip, from your windshield. Chips are generally small, though they don’t have to be, and often don’t require immediate attention. You can identify a chip by the fact that it looks like a divot in the glass and has no cracks or runners coming off of it.

In the world of windshield repair, chips are often identified as simple, bull’s eye, or half-moon based on their appearance. You can almost always repair a damaged windshield unless the chip occurs at the very edge of the glass. Chips at the edges of a windshield are difficult to fill and, because of the stress forces, tend to spread. Center chips are easy DIY jobs while edge chips should be addressed by a professional.


Cracks are linear breaks that run through the glass. They may be anchored by a chip or simply exist on their own. Cracks usually occur as a result of impact damage, but can occasionally occur as a result of stress on the glass or due to extreme changes in temperature. Most cracks can be repaired, if they addressed immediately, except for stress cracks.

Safety experts say that you can generally repair cracks near the center of the windshield yourself. If the crack is large (larger than a nickel), then a self-repair job may not hold for long though it may be enough to prevent the damage from spreading if you have limited time or are low on cash. Large cracks and those near the edge of the glass should be assessed by a professional. In general, cracks that extend to the edge of the glass cannot be repaired.

Stars and Rays

Cracks that look like stars or spiders or that have more than two lines extending from them usually cannot be repaired. They are also dangerous because they compromise the integrity of the windshield to the point that it could shatter. Have a professional examine any star-shaped damage as there is a small chance that it can be repaired. For the most part, damage of this nature will lead to a windshield replacement.

Safety First

Windshields are subject to a lot of abuse including road grit, UV exposure, massive changes in temperature, and constant vibration from the road. They do their job well, but only when maintained in top shape. If you have damage to your windshield, don’t wait to have it addressed. Changes in temperature or normal road use can result in a small crack turning into a big problem. Have your windshield damage repaired immediately or do it yourself as soon as possible to avoid injury and increased cost down the road.

Repair & Maintenance

The Benefits of Mercedes Tuning and Its Importance

German engineering is gaining immense popularity because they offer exclusive technology. There are many famous luxury car manufacturers in Germany. Their name is all it takes to evoke a sense of sophistication among car owners worldwide. In terms of performance, utility and effectiveness, they are known to rank higher as compared to all other luxury cars.

The exterior and interior of such cars are so exclusively crafted that they appear absolutely stunning, which instantly catches the eye of every onlooker. Owning luxury cars, be it Mercedes or other, accounts for a huge expenditure and effective maintenance in order to ensure long term benefits. Therefore, it serves to be the sole responsibility of every car owner to handle Mercedes Service and repair in a timely manner

Car servicing is an important factor

Car servicing is an essential factor that helps to identify minor defects that are associated with any of the car parts. This condition might take place due to mishandling or excessive usage. Such intricate details should be detected beforehand in order to ensure proper functioning of your vehicle.

If not managed properly, then it might lead to inefficient performance and development of other major problems. It is of utmost necessity to lookout for tuning for Mercedes repair services either from your main car dealer or independent garage who supply original parts that comes along with a warranty period.

Mercedes car servicing is distinguished into two type’s i.e. interim and full service. If your car is giving high mileage, then it is advisable to opt for interim service that is done between every interval of annual service. In case of full-term Mercedes Service, you acquire a more comprehensive examination that includes numerous adjustments and checkups. It takes place after every 12 months time period.

Verify the authenticity of car repair center

Similarly, while you are considering the Mercedes Service, it becomes important to verify the authenticity of car repair center. The center should be well-equipped with all necessary devices that are required to carry out diagnostic tests.

All the essential tools and equipments that are used for handling repairs should be thoroughly tested and certified. Faulty devices will not deliver effective results. Also, Mercedes performance parts Dubai should employ highly professional technicians who manage such complicated tasks with utmost efficiency.

Their services should comprise of engine maintenance, polishing interior and exterior car body and finally refurbishing of all essential accessories. Such services can only be acquired from an endorsed service center that has established itself in the market for years and are known for its satisfactory customer service.

Repair & Maintenance

What sets Volkswagen apart from other car manufacturers?

SMG VW like to think we know a thing or two about Volkswagen, their vehicles, and what they stand for as a brand.

However, we totally understand if you aren’t as in the loop as we are. If you’re shopping around for a new vehicle at SMG VW, we thought you might like to know exactly what it is that has Volkswagen reign as one of the best car manufacturers on the planet.

  • VW Also own several other stand-alone car manufacturers – Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ducati, Porsche, Bugatti, MAN, Scania, and VW Commercial are all owned by Volkswagen. Impressive, eh?
  • The biggest and the brightest- Volkswagen are the second largest automaker in the world, coming second only to Toyota.
  • The unbeatable Beetle- The infamous Volkswagen Beetle holds the title for the longest-produced vehicle in history, having been manufactured from 1938 to 2003. During this time, it’s became one of the world’s most popular cars.
  • Against all odds- the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg – which is still standing today – has survived against practically impossible odds. During World War II, the factory was heavily bombed. After the war, and during the recovery process, an unexploded bomb was found lodged between the factory’s main power generators. If it had detonated, it would be most likely that Volkswagen would not be around today. What other car manufacturer can say they’ve survived this?!
  • The fastest car on earth- that’s right; Volkswagen make the current fastest street-legal car on earth! As aforementioned, Volkswagen own Bugatti, and manufacture their cars. The Bugatti Veyron can reach speeds of up to 267.7mph, making it the speediest car on the planet.

Still not impressed? Once you’ve tested driven even a used Volkswagen, we reckon there’s no going back. Try it for yourself!

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Four Benefits of Going to a 4×4 Expert for Car Service

Keeping your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently is a necessary priority for most people. Without a working vehicle, getting around can be an extremely difficult task in areas where public transportation is not readily available.

For this reason, it is important to be familiar with trusted mechanics in your area who can make immediate repairs in the event that your vehicle experiences issues. As a 4×4 owner, however, it is undoubtedly in your best interest to go to an expert who specialises in providing a car service strictly for 4×4 vehicles. Here are four benefits of doing so.

Reliable Repairs

The most obvious benefit of going to a 4×4 expert for car service in Dubai is the fact that you can expect reliable repairs from them. As a specialist, they will have very specific information about any and all issues associated with the type of vehicle that you own.

With 4x4s, it can sometimes be difficult for general mechanics to grasp all of the inner workings of the vehicle and the many issues it can face. By trusting a specialist, you are significantly raising the likelihood that the mechanics you are working with will be extremely knowledgeable about everything associated with your vehicle.

Fast Service

Another benefit of going to a 4×4 expert for car service is that they will be able to provide fast service. Traditional mechanics are often bombarded with several different types of vehicles and are rarely able to complete repairs quickly.

By working with a 4×4 expert, however, you are getting someone who will likely have far fewer customers and will therefore be able to handle your repairs swiftly. While they may be a bit more expensive than traditional mechanics, the assurance of reliable repairs and fast service is well worth the cost.


A 4×4 car service will have extensive knowledge of your specific vehicle, so you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in good hands. Many 4×4 owners do not understand the inner workings of their vehicle. By working with an expert who specialises in these vehicles, you can gain knowledge from them directly. Most experts will also be more than happy to answer any questions you may have related to self-maintenance tactics that can extend the life of your vehicle.

Better Long Term Value

As mentioned above, it will almost always be a cheaper short-term option to go to a traditional mechanic. While this may seem like a good deal, you will actually save a lot more over the long term if you go to a trusted specialist.

The reason for this is simple. Not only are you raising the likelihood of reliable repairs being performed, but you’re also receiving fast service while being educated on what can be done to increase the durability of your vehicle. In the end, the benefits of going to a specialist far outweigh those of going to a traditional mechanic.

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How to handle your Damaged Car to save you from Stress

After meeting an accident, you and your car may not be the same anymore. You might have become more cautious when driving while your car might have deteriorated in performance. You have spent so much for the bills for repair just to bring its original quality back. But no matter how you try, some cars may not work as before right after damaging it.

Most people would opt to sell damaged car and get rid of the stressful situations. If you are considering the same thing, then see these options below:

Give it away, donate or recycle

Donating it is the most charitable way to free yourself from higher repair bills. Aside from that you are also finding a way to help others. Much more to not earning in return, be prepared to deliver the car as some charitable institutions don’t have the means to take it with them. Doing good will make you feel good. Helping others would change the world into better.


Selling if a financially lucrative choice. Take advantage of online stores that served as a platform for you to showcase your used stuff. Clean the car before taking photos of it to display on the website. Make sure you are familiar with its components and damages. Be honest when describing what you are selling since you might not want to be bothered by the buyer once he discovered that you are to sell damaged car.

When selling, patience is important because you need to communicate and buyers will negotiate. As much as possible, provide complete information to reduce the time you will spend discussing with the potential new car owner.

Also, you can consider selling by part if you think your car won’t be beneficial as a whole. Most car owners with rare model have components that a lot of people will be interested in. More often than not, you will be able to sell car parts like radios, steering wheels, seats and other interiors.

Selling online is not at all the perks alone. You should consider that buyers may be from other parts of the world or the country such that shipping costs should be covered accordingly. You can make arrangements of free delivery or inclusive of delivery or shipping charges.

Junk Car Buyers

The most common remedy for damaged car is to sell it to junk buyers. More often than not, you can trade it with another car. You can also have the option to take the cash and find a new car to drive.

Remember that when you sell damaged car, you should never expect it to be at the price you want. Junk buyers are great at negotiations and bargains. Be ready and realistic with your expectations.

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Maintaining Your Vehicle through Regular Car Service

For prolonged use of car, it is very important to get it serviced at regular intervals. In fact, timely car service ensures the safety of the driver and increases the vehicle’s efficiency. Whether it is a broken taillight, failed brakes or old tires, you cannot overlook even a single detail of your car. However, the experts should always do the car servicing. These professionals have the right knowledge, tools and skills to handle any car issue and get it fixed in the most appropriate style. You can search for one such car servicing on the internet easily.

Types of car services

  1. Interim car service- This service is done after the car has covered 6000 miles and has completed its six months. At this point of time, your car does not require any major servicing and replacements. In interim service, the professionals replace the oil filter, drain the engine oil, refill it, and ensure that there are no excessive oil leaks. Interim is the first servicing session of your car from the time you have bought it, so only the essentials are checked. The servicing company may also check the interval of timing belt replacement.
  1. Full service- The full service is required after a year when your vehicle has covered 12,000 miles. Besides the things covered in interim service, the professionals here also check the condition of the radiator, coolant cap seals, condition of the cooling fan, adjust those auxiliary drive belts and also adjust the tension of the fan. The gearbox is also checked during full service and the battery condition is also considered. The car service company also checks the dashboard warning lights, steering & suspension components and a visual check for exhaust smoke.
  1. Major service- After two years from the date of buying and covering 24,000 miles, your car is in need of major service. Here, everything covered during interim and full service is checked with the addition of further inspections too. The cooling system of the car is drained out and is replaced with a coolant, spark plugs & fuel filters are replaced, effectiveness of the starter motor is checked and the brake fluid is also replaced. It includes the examination of every detail of the car in order to keep it in the perfect condition.

How to avoid heavy car service bills?

Car owners can avoid hefty car servicing bills by maintaining the car on their own. Few things can be taken care of without the need of professionals. You can clean the car seats once or twice a week to get rid of those spilled coffee stains and accumulated dust. Even wiping the wiper blades is also very easy that can be done without any hassles. You must clean the wiper blades with the paper towel and make sure that they are dry before the further use.

Since tires are the most important part of the car, you should keep a regular check on them. It is significant to maintain the tire pressure at all times for a smoother journey. Besides this, car owners must always avoid washing their car in the heat. Yes, cleaning the car under direct sunlight can leave spots on it and can result in a foamy deposit. In case you are not able to set things right, you can simply go through the user manual of your car.

Your car manual also gives information on when your vehicle needs an oil change. Keep that in mind, for car service shops are quick to fleece unsuspecting customers.

So, these are the various tips for car service which helps you to maintain your vehicle in regular basis.

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How to find an auto locksmith in Croydon?

Keys of a car are as important as the vehicle itself. It is because keys perform numbers of functions for the car. These help in starting or stopping the car. Also these help in locking the car to keep it safe. Although most of us take care to keep keys of the car safe however we still tend to lose or damage the same. At times, the keys may get stolen or stuck in the car door lock or in the start up place. Under such circumstances, we may need a spare set of car keys. The situation becomes worse when we come to know that even the other set is also missing or is damaged. In such a situation, we may need replacement car keys in Croydon or get help from an auto locksmith. Here are some easy tips to find an auto locksmith in Croydon quickly.

Get Reference- Whether you need to get replacement car keys in Croydon or need an auto locksmith for some other reasons, you may get reference for the same from your acquaintances. It means you may inquire from your social circle such as friends, neighbours, colleagues or other people for the best professional in the relevant field. It just requires you to make few calls or use the mode of word of mouth to find the best auto locksmith at your place.

Local Telephone Directories- Start checking the local telephone directories immediately and mark all the auto locksmiths available in your area. Get complete contact details of these professionals and start contacting them so as to hire one that seems to be most apt to you for your unique purpose. Make some enquiries over phone and finalize one.

Internet- Use your smart phone, PC or laptop for this purpose. Explore internet to look for web listings of the leading auto locksmiths operating at your place. Even you may keep checking their reviews side-by-side so as to get to know about the standard of their services. Internet is in fact the fastest, convenient and most reliable mode of searching for anything or anyone. It is because you may get additional details about any professional or service provider such as an auto locksmith over the relevant websites. Either book/hire an auto locksmith online or call him personally to avail of his services.

Ads in newspapers or magazines- If you have some time and can wait for a day or two then you may even prefer checking ads in local newspapers, magazines and such other media sources that may contains ads for various service providers including auto locksmiths. Get complete details from such ads and start contacting various service providers in the associated field at your place. Choose one after thorough research as it is all about your dear vehicle and its safety for the future.

Car agents or dealers- You may even get help from car agents or dealers operating in your area. These people have knowledge about various service providers dealing in vehicles at any place and may guide you in the right direction.

You may use of any of these modes to find an auto locksmith at your place and get replacement keys for your car. Even you may ask for other services too.

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Look After Your Car’s Brake And Clutch Services Regularly

Most of us are familiar with terms like brakes, clutches, steering, etc. These are common words in the world of vehicles! Those of us who drive know the importance of a brake and clutch too. Driving would be impossible without them. Our feet impulsively, reflectively know what to do when we need to slow down. But with such important parts of our cars, do we really know what they really are? Do we know how important it is to get a regular brake and clutch service done; or why to get a service done? Let’s delve into this in brief.


A brake is a kind of mechanical tool or equipment which inhibits motion; it slows down or stops a vehicle. This is mostly done by using friction or in other words by absorbing the energy of the moving system. Brakes are usually applied to moving or rotating wheels or axles. Some vehicles might make use of the combination of braking techniques. For example, drag racing cars use both a parachute and wheel brakes; airplanes use both drag flaps and wheel brakes. Brakes make the use of friction in between two surfaces and they convert the kinetic energy to the moving object into heat energy.


Sometimes we tend to take our brakes for granted. The car ahead of us slows down or the light changes and we just use the brakes. Sometimes, we tend to overuse it or have a heavy foot. This can reduce the life of our equipment by applying too much heat on the rotors or pads. These kinds of indiscretions can make us regret later. Keep in mind some points for your car before it goes to these services.

Detection of Problems –

  • The driver’s feel is one of the best detectors of problem. A vibration or the feeling of needing more force to stop the vehicle or an unnatural noise and we should know that it’s time to get the brakes checked.
  • The best thing would be to have a regular maintenance program going on. Usually, the thumb rule is to check the brake pads for every 12000 miles.
  • Also changing the brake fluid every 20000 or 25000 miles is a good idea.

Clutch –

Clutch is a mechanical tool that disengages or engages the transmission of power to the driven shaft from the driving shaft. It is used when the transmission of motion or power need to be controlled. This system is based on the friction between the pressure plate and flywheel and at one time these parts will wear out and will require replacement.

Detection of Problems

  • The slipping of the clutch is the most common problem and usually it is due to the abuse of driver or overloading.
  • Besides this, it can also grab or stick which in car terms is called chattering. This could be because the cable needs to be replaced or the flywheel is damaged or maybe oil contamination of the linings.
  • The best way to know a problem is always use driver intuition and rely on his ears. Any strange noise is definitely not normal. If so, it’s probably time to replace the clutch.

Frankly, all the above goes hand in hand. Regular Brake and Clutch Services is the key to a healthy car. There are probably service centers in every nook and corner. However, it’s best to look and research and go to the best. Also it is better to keep your car regular Brake and Clutch Service rather than keep changing. Follow your intuition, listen to your car and never ignore any signs that you may think are abnormal. It is always better to be careful and happy.