Newquay and Newquay airport located in Cornwall

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Newquay’s is a major holiday destination for travelers in Cornwall, South West England, UK, located at northeast of Newquay on Cornwall’s North coast. It’s not hard to see why a lot of people choose Newquay as their holiday destination with its special beaches, a superb range of accommodation and many more. Often regarded as one of UK’s best Tourist destinations for travellers, Newquay is blessed with lovely beaches with nice cool sea breeze. These are major reasons why Newquay’s population of 19,562, increased to 19,900 at the 2011 census.

Newquay can be reached by air, car or train. The Newquay Cornwall Airport provides a fast growing air terminal, with up to four or five trips per day offering direct connectivity to cities which are ideal for businesses and leisure passengers. The terminal at Newquay airport Cornwall has recently been extended to accommodate over 700,000 passengers per year. A car hire service runs approximately every hour daily.
A taxi service between the airport and Newquay should cost in the region of 15-20 pounds to process the order.

Car Rental

Newquay airport has various amenities such as cafe, cash machine, a business lounge (available to all passengers on business trips), and FREE WiFi.
Since 2005, all departing passengers between the age 16 and over have been asked to pay 5 pound Airport Development Fee.
In the year 2013, a total of over 175,000 passengers passed through Newquay airport, rising to about 5% higher than the previous year.

Majority of airlines on Newquay airport now offer online check-in this means you can avoid having to queue to check your belongings in. For car hire use Car rental service works along much the same principal by having to book in advance you will avoid any disappointment and enjoy a speedy transit through the airport. Newquay airport has highly experienced staffs that are available to assist you throughout your time at the airport to ensure you enjoy a stress free journey.

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