5 Mobile Apps For Motorbikers

Mobile Apps For Motorbikers

Biking is all about speed, freedom and performance, but owning a motorcycle can mean more accidents and higher insurance, as well as keeping the bike and your motorcycle equipment in tiptop condition – expensive. Apps have infiltrated every area of modern living and now motorcyclists can make their ride smoother with iPhone and Android apps to help monitor motorbike performance and deal with accidents and insurance. Greatest Road Motorcycle Rider GPS Navigation Road Finder costs £2.99 from the iTunes store and uses Google Maps. The app charts new routes for…

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8 Important Facts about Fixed Gear Bikes

Fixed Gear Bikes

A fixed gear bike is regarded as the most efficient type of cycling machine. This is one reason why it has found huge acceptance from cycling community. As they have flexible uses, they are used in racing tracks and in velodrome. Expert cyclists train in them during off-season especially in winters. Lightweight in nature, they are capable of generating high speeds. They are preferred for speedy and efficient riding. They are designed in a manner to permit a ceaseless crank rotation. 8 Important facts about them are enumerated below Many…

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Must Have Bicycle Accessories

Bicycle Accessories

Visiting a bicycle accessories store is always a delight for a bike rider because of the extensive variety of accessories available in today’s times. If you enjoy riding the bike, then you would be aware of the benefits of having the various accessories, which would make your bicycling experience safer as well as comfortable. A List of Must-have Accessories for your Bicycle Helmet: One of the most important bike accessories is the bike helmet, which gives protection to the wearer’s head. In many states, wearing helmet has become mandatory and…

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Getting Started With Motorcycle Training

Motorcycle Training

If you are interested in motorcycle training , whether you are a beginning student or are just looking for a refresher course, it can often be difficult to know where and how to begin. Fortunately, a basic overview of the material can help students prepare for what to expect at such courses. Often, the best way to start is to work with a motorcycle training course that will teach you the basics of motorcycles on a comfortable payment basis for you. Most compulsory training courses in London are specially designed…

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The Ultimate motocross Helmets

Motocross is listed amid the intense sports category, with hiking, sky diving and scuba diving with sharks. That’s the reason it is really essential when you are to include in this activity that you use appropriate things, this will shield you from becoming hurt, like FOX motocross helmets. The rise of extreme sports today is quite uncontrolled. Individuals that are involved with this sort of adventure danger their lifestyles more than anyone else in the sports world. Motocross for one can be an extreme sport which endangers the existence of…

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