Top tips to choose a GPS tracking device for your bike

The young generation has no doubt started to obsess over bikes more than cars and it is a growing desire to be owned by a maximum of the college-going students and more. The fancy and interesting build-up of the bikes has been an attraction to many. However, if you reside in India, you must have definitely heard about plenty of bikes being stolen on a daily basis. It would be really sad if you’re most prized possession gets stolen and therefore to prevent that, technology has gifted us with GPS tracker that can be installed in bikes too. GPS trackers are extremely convenient to use and are user-friendly. Technology has advanced so much that it has kept all the mishaps that can happen with bikes in mind and constructed a design that fits all.

A GPS Tracker does nothing but locates the nearest ground station from itself and tries to detect its location to deliver reports to its owner. It is one of the safest and most convenient ways adapted by all the vehicle owners to keep their property to themselves safely.

Although with all the benefits, you also need to keep certain things in your mind before purchasing a GPS Tracker for your bike and they are as follows-

  • Make sure your GPS Tracker is waterproof. If you’re buying a GPS bike tracker and it isn’t waterproof, you’re washing away all your money down the drain. Your GPS Tracker needs to be waterproof to stand all the tests of weather in order to work properly.
  • Your GPS Tracker must have the feature of being connected to your phone. This way you can always stay updated about the status of your bike even if you’re not riding it. It will deliver the speed and location of your bike in real-time.
  • Your GPS Tracker must be small and compact in size in order to fit perfectly in your bikes’ space. A large device wouldn’t be much handy.
  • Try to ensure that your GPS Tracker can jam your bike as well. This is really beneficial in case of thefts. Whenever a thief tries to steal your bike, your mobile phone immediately gets notified by the tracker with an alert message and the power engine of the bike is cut off. This way you can prevent your bike from being stolen away and can take immediate decisions based on the data you have just collected from your GPS Tracker.
  • The last and the most important thing to note is GPS Tracker Price. It is very important to fix a budget and compare all the GPS trackers available in that range to find the perfect match for you.
Accessories Motorcycles

Genuine Honda accessories at throw away prices

For a biking enthusiast, no other way is more relaxing than to take a long drive to an unknown destination. It became more fun to drive at night when the cool breezes fall straight into your face. Or they may go for a drive into the wood, in the mild sunny daytime. A veteran biker is very well known for Honda motorcycles as they were the most dependable in the market. Time and again Honda motorcycles have emerged as the top brand in manufacturing good bikes. It has been years to one of the best motorcycle brands are serving its customers. But their demands never saw a drop. Even if someone faces difficulty in any part of the bike, it is easy to fix it in no time. brings exclusive Honda accessories to fix its problems and rebuild it again.

Different bike accessories in demands

Undoubtedly, when it comes to the durability and performance of Honda motorcycle parts, there is no question. Moreover, from small to big, Honda comes with every spare part of your bike. Like they have spare parts for your engine, tires, lights, indicator, breaks and many other parts. Together with repairing defaults, it also to renew its look to bring back the novelty of your bike. In the end, the makeover will make you go wow with its looks and performance all over again.

Buy Honda accessories from

This online store will amaze you with their stock of Honda motorcycle accessories. Here you can shop for any accessories by selecting the particular bike model from the given options. This online store lists down different bike models with their releasing year. All you have to do is enter these details of your bike in the boxes given. It will show the list of various spare parts of that model number which are available in store. Beside this, you can shop for items by clicking on the specific category in which it falls.

Change your bike body and engine

The Honda accessories at for customisation and repairing divide into many sections. It will assist those customers who are not able to fill the model number. If you take a look at their inventory, you will find products from cooling to exhaust to the engine and what not. Looking to customise your bike, see what they have in body and fenders. In general, they have options like seat cover, saddlebag support, plastic bodywork, graphics kit, sissy bars and many more. Enough options to bring new modification in the look.

Worry about the engine problem; check what the online shop has in store for you. Form chains to exhaust kit to mid pipes to gasket are only a few from the list. Not just this, there are many other options to explore on this website. Moreover, they will treat your suspension, transmission, batteries, fuel, air, frame and footrest problem. is your stop if, you want to add real Honda accessories to your bike. Moreover, the products are at reasonable prices along with easy returning policies if not happy with it. Lastly, you don’t have to pay the shipping charge if you shop for more than 99$.


Motorcycle Handlebars


Deciding on which to go for – steel, aluminum or carbon. The choice here is dependent on your budget; would suggest you choose a motorcycle handlebar that meets your needs.

The steel handlebar is more resistant, but heavier and less original in shape (no variable diameter). It corresponds to the material of the original handlebars, and therefore to their shape and dimensions. It is solid but hardly breaks in the event of a fall. Another advantage: it is not expensive!

The aluminum handlebar is lightweight and has diverse shapes, but it can break easily in case of a fall. On the other hand, it can be repaired more easily than steel or carbon. It is a preferred choice if you need a handlebar that isn’t wide. Known for its lightness, the aluminum has the distinction of being referred to as a “rigid” metal. In the continuity of the fork, it offers a perfect feedback on the front axle. Gross or in anodized version, the aluminum makes it possible to produce handlebars of variable diameter (i.e. larger diameter at the level of the bridges). Nevertheless, it is known to be more expensive and fragile in case of fall.

Carbon is light, flexible, but excessively expensive and particularly fragile in the event of a fall.

The majority of the standard motorcycles are equipped with steel handlebars. They are inexpensive for the manufacturer, the alloy composed of iron and carbon nevertheless remains very resistant. It is also comfortable due to its composition – steel is a “soft” metal that absorbs vibrations. It has the advantage of being produced in chrome finishing, which the aluminum does not have (a thin layer of the aluminum prevents the deposit of chromium by electrolysis). However, the steel motorcycle handle is quite heavy and can get rusty in the long-run.


There are many shapes and dimensions of handlebars. A handlebar is also called a hanger: it usually has two elbows giving it its shape. The first elbow conditions the position of the arms; the second elbow places the hands. A handlebar greatly influences the driving position and ease of handling.

A motorcycle handlebar is generally bent, i.e. it has elbows. The length of the tubes and the angles define the steering style. The first elbow defines the height of the handlebars and therefore of your wrists. The second influences the position of your hands, whether they are more or less open or closed. Also, the width of the hanger will define the gap between your elbows and your bust.

A high and curved handlebar that bends towards the driver brings you a comfortable position with the elbows close to the body and the back straightened.

A wide, low and straight handlebar lets you have your elbows well apart and have your body weight on the front for a more incisive position.

Dedicated to sports, the raised handlebars give you a less fatiguing posture on a daily basis by straightening your back.

Do not choose a handlebar lightly: doing this could result in errors and difficulties in handling the motorcycle and also cause you, pains. The ergonomics of a motorcycle count considerably for its driving.

Be sure to check the diameter of your handlebar on the level of the bridges. The large standard is 22 mm, 25 mm for custom and 28 mm for oversize handlebars, but it can vary according to the original equipment.


There are several types of handlebars, and each type has its variations.

Regular Handlebars: These are much-raised handlebars which place the hands high enough.

Roadster Handlebars: There is the link between the custom handlebar and the flat handlebars. That is to say; there are three variations in this: high, medium and low.

Flat Handlebars: Hardly bent, these handlebars are as much an aesthetic choice as a desire to have a larger arm lever. As the name suggests, they have very little bending.

The Cross Handlebars: They are generally robust, and can have a central reinforcement bar. Note, their dimensions are often over-dimensioned, and all the fork bridges cannot accommodate them.


When it comes to the inside diameter of the handlebar tube, there are two options – you can either choose to retrieve the original handlebars (otherwise called “flyweights” or “handlebar weight”), or you choose new models. Whichever you choose, the inside diameter of the handlebars sets the model to choose. There are two inside diameters: one wide (mm) and one narrow (mm). Do not overlook the significance of the handlebars: they do not only serve in case of a fall but balances the motorcycle and eliminates a certain number of vibrations.

Consequently, with regards to the outside diameter of the handlebar tube, if you do not change the original fork bridges (the elements that bind the handlebars and the upper fork tee); you must opt for a handlebar that has the same outside coat as the original handlebars.

There are 2 or 3 outer handlebar diameters: standard and oversize. Do not forget to check the inside diameter.

Whatever the case may be, whether it is a simple aesthetic choice or a real comfort issue, the motorcycle handlebar is a centerpiece of driving position. A new hanger can transform your motorcycle. is presently one of the leaders in the distribution of motorcycle and bikers’ equipment and accessories online. is owned and operated by a passionate team of [number of people] who work daily to advise and accompany motorcyclists and bikers. We offer the best brands, the best products, the best prices on the internet, with ever greater choices to select from


What Should You Do If You Have A Motorbike Accident?

Motorbikes make up a fraction of the traffic in Australia and yet they are involved in a high percentage of accidents. You should always take care when you are driving on the roads so that you will minimise the chances that you collide with another vehicle.

Unfortunately, you might find that you are unlucky and that you are involved in an accident. There are several key things to do if you are involved in a crash.

Contact A Motorbike Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in the crash or your bike has been badly damaged, then it is a very good idea to contact a motorbike accident lawyer in Sydney. They will be able to tell you if you have a case for pressing charges or claiming compensation against the other person who was involved in the accident. You will have a clear idea of your options after you have spoken to the lawyer.

It is not a good idea to use a lawyer just because they have the cheapest rates. You might find that the lawyer with the cheapest rates in town is not very knowledgeable or organised. If you pay higher rates, you will get a better level of service.

Swap Insurance Details With The Other Driver

One of the first things you should do, if you are not badly injured, is to swap insurance details with the driver of the other vehicle. This will allow you to make a full claim in order to gain compensation from the crash. If you don’t swap the details, this could slow down the claim process.

Swap Contact Details With The Other Driver

Give the driver your phone or email address so that you can keep each other updated with the insurance claims. This will make the entire process very easy.

Get Yourself Checked For Injuries

You can go to the hospital in order to get yourself checked for injuries. If you are submitting a compensation claim then any injuries sustained will be an important factor in the case.

Take Photographs Of The Crash Scene And Of The Damaged Bike

After the crash, it is a good idea to take photographs of the crash scene and to take pictures of the damaged vehicles. If you decide to use a motorbike accident lawyer in Sydney then these photographs can be used as evidence to build a case. You can take pictures of things such as broken glass from the impact of the crash and the skid marks make by the tires on the road.

Try And Collect Witness Statements

Unless you are in a very remote area, there should be some witnesses who happened to see the crash. You will need to act quickly in order to get witnesses to share their contact details because most people move on after seeing an accident. Don’t try and pressure people into doing it, they will be able to give witness statements if they want to.

It is important to be methodical and not to panic after a motorbike crash. Try and find a quality lawyer by getting testimonials from family and friends.


Reasons to Switch to Riding an Electric Bicycle

In recent years, electric bicycles have gained more and more popularity due to the benefits it provides the rider. Electric bicycles are becoming so popular due to their speed, environmentally friendly motor, and classification. Electric bikes are classified as bicycles because they can be pedalled, which is why they are not subject to the same laws as motorbikes and mopeds, which in turn makes them more accessible for everyone.

Particularly in urban areas, the electric bicycle is becoming a more popular method of transportation. There has been an influx of electric bikes in the UKespecially. The batteries are rechargeable, and most electric bicycles can reach speeds of up to 25-32 km/h, but some can even reach up to around 45 km/h.

Save Money

With the cost of petrol rising, the financial toll of driving a car to work every day tends to add up. For this reason, switching to an electric bicycle for commutes might be a good idea. You won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot, paying road tax or insurance, speeding fines, or riding without your seat belt. An electric bicycle will help you to get to wherever you need to go and still save you money. Also, the price of electric bikes does vary, but often an electric bike can be just as affordable as a standard push pedal bicycle.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Choosing to ride your electric bike instead of taking your car doesn’t only save you money, but it helps the environment too. Whenever you take your car somewhere, your car releases fuel emissions and adds to your carbon footprint. However, when you switch to an electric bike, you can rest easy knowing that you’re reducing your carbon footprint by opting for electricity over gas. Also, electric bicycles have ten times more efficiency than most cars that run on petrol or diesel. Though electric bicycles do consume energy, they are much more efficient than motorbikes and cars.

Get to Work on Time

Another convenience of using an electric bike is that it provides easy portability and storage while helping you get to work or school faster and safer. You can avoid traffic jams and take safer, quicker routes by opting to ride your electric bike instead of taking your car or even the metro. A huge benefit of taking an electric bike is that you can accelerate more quickly with the built-in electric motor, bringing you to higher speeds and making road navigation, uphill traveling, and traffic manoeuvring much easier and safer for everyone.

Electric bikes can be an excellent choice for commuters who want to minimise their carbon footprint, improve their morning commute, or even save money while improving their health through exercise as well. In fact, choosing to replace your current pushbike with an electric bike may cost the same new pushbike when your old one wears out with more benefits.


Know Review of Ninja 300- Your First Dream Ride

The most outstanding Kawasaki Ninja 300 R has all the features and has the parallel twin designed to subdue the performance of the other motorcycles like the Honda CBR250R or the older Ninja variations. This new version of the bike has the new ergonomics, multifunctional LCD and the sporty look that offers a better spark to the first time riders and the beginner motorcyclists. This bike has all the new features that make the first time riders do all in love with this 2 wheeler. This bike is available in the large showrooms of the bike all around in India.

The engine parts and the primary configuration are the same as the older ones, but the upgrades are unmistakably wonderful. The added 47 CC delivers 40% increase in the horsepower. The 250cc carburetors are being replaced by the electronic fuel injection and having the dual 32mm throttle metal bodies with the new crankshaft and some of the modifications in the counterbalance that has made this bike a unique piece. Check out the ninja 300 abs online to know about the details of this 2 wheeler.

The seat of this bike is half an inch taller than the 250R model, having the seat height of about 30.9 inches. It is slightly taller, but the seat is shaped for increasing the rider’s pavement reach. This latest version has experienced a power improvement than the ancestor ones. You will definitely feel the fast acceleration and the response of the muscular engine.

The front brake performance of this bike has the weaker performance than the CBR250. It is not need to be bled but the stock braking is far less than it is convincing. The riders those who have planned to buy this bike in the long-term basis, they may be interested in the steel break lines. It may be determined by the community of the Ninja riders that after the certain ride, there is a small gap created between the fairing and the bike that remains unresolved for the time being. You can check the Ninja 300 price in the online.

Thus, it is concluded that this bike is much more appealing than the other previous models. This bike is having all the latest features that help the riders to have a god ride. Check the ninja 300 India and go for the best ride.


Enjoy the fun and excitement of riding a street bike

Riding a street bike through a long-stretched highway has a different charm, which no other type of riding or commuting can provide you. Millions of people, particularly younger generations, enjoy street bike riding and they experience the gusto of intermingling with commuters and other bikers. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to feel the nature more closely, which you will never gain in a car or public transport.

Reasons fun loving people like street bike

Owning a street bike is really a life-time experience for people who like roads and long drive with full freedom to choose where they want to go, how much they want to ride and when they want to end a day.

Here are a few reasons which induce people to own and use a street bike –

  • Street bike makes you nonchalant – While on a bike, you are the master and guide of your own journey, you will fill very relaxed and prompt. You will travel with a prior-plan and your decision making capacity will enhance manifold.
  • Commuting is easier and exciting – Though there is a mental block in lot of people regarding everyday use of street bike, many other street bike owners consider it as the safest and easiest transportation to reach to their destinations in time. Commuting with street bike is always easier and exciting if you have an idea about the roads and by-lanes in a city or town.
  • Environmental friendly riding – Considering the fuel efficiency, street bikes are more eco-friendly than other forms of private transportations.
  • Bike riding makes you healthy – Experts have proved that on an average a street bike rider burns 40 calories energy more than a car driver. It is also incredibly good for your nervous system and mental health. Riding a bike makes you more judgmental, more prompt and closer to the nature. Moreover, bike riding enhances your physical strength, and better cogitative thinking.
  • Bike riding will increase your friend list – Since you remain closer to the people surrounding you, street biking provides an opportunity to meet people which is not possible otherwise. You will find more friends from small town and highway by-lanes. Soon, you will have friends out of your own socioeconomic boundary, religion and racial circle.

Street bike categories

It is true that owning a street bike is always exciting only if you have selected the right one depending on your need and economic capacity.

Street bikes have the following categories –

  • Standard Motorcycles – They are also called “naked bikes” as the machineries are more visible in this types of bikes. They are comparatively light weight and perfect for the new bikers.
  • Touring bikes – They are just perfect for long distance tours. They have larger engines, high capacity fuel tank, and space to store luggage.
  • Cruiser motor cycles – These bikes are costlier street bikes with very comfortable sitting arrangement, and the best possible engines. These bikes are good for experienced bikers.
  • Sport bikes – these bikes are designed and built for enjoying the thrill of speed. They possess high performance engines and easy-to-handle technology.

So, choose the most perfect street bike that suits your personality and economic capacity. At the same time, you need to learn the traffic rules accurately, so that you could ride safely without posing any risk to yourself and to the others.


Buying a Used Motorcycle: Important Factors You Must Consider

Motorcycles have been around for more than half a century and are widely popular amongst enthusiasts in the UK. Motorcycles are much smaller in size compared to cars, thus allowing riders to go from one place to another quickly. However, they are also riskier than cars. Because motorcycles are driven on only two wheels, it’s usually difficult for new riders to maintain their balance. However, once you get the hang of it, riding a motorcycle can be one of the best experiences of your life.

In the UK, there are plenty of different companies and dealerships that sell motorcycles. Some dealerships also purchase motorcycles from individuals and then sell them in the market again. If you don’t have the budget to purchase or lease a new motorcycle, you should consider buying a used one. Dealerships such as Wheels Motorcycles offer a variety of used motorcycles from which to choose. However, there’s always a risk in buying a used motorcycle, which is why you need to consider several factors before making a decision. Here are a few things that you should check before buying a used motorcycle.


The first and most important thing that you need to consider before buying any bike is your own riding style and requirements. The market is filled with different bikes. If you are a pro rider, you can even look for a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10r for sale. Many dealerships have begun selling the latest, sleekest model with the most modern technology. However, if you are a new rider, buying such a powerful bike might not be a wise idea. Instead, you should start with a smaller, more manoeuvrable bike so that you can get a hang of riding across the city streets. Once you are able to develop a road sense, it will be easy for you to move on to bigger and heavier bikes.


The second thing that you should take a look at is the odometer. How many kilometres has the bike been driven? Ideally, it’s best for you to purchase a bike that had minimal road time. If a bike has been driven more, its value will also fall. Mileage will give you an idea of the bike’s condition and maintenance. Bikes that have been driven more might have more issues under the hood. You can easily compare the odometer readings from different bikes at dealerships such as Wheels Motorcycles before making a decision.

Fuel Efficiency

Another major factor that will influence your decision is the fuel efficiency of the bike. How many kilometres does the bike go on a litre of fuel? The fuel efficiency ratings are generally provided by the manufacturer, though they tend to vary with time. Proper maintenance is necessary if you want to keep the fuel efficiency at its highest. Bigger and heavier bikes generally consume more fuel. If you just need a bike in order to go to work on a daily basis, it will be best for you to choose one that offers high efficiency ratings, rather than purchase a heavy bike.


The good and bad of high altitude training for Athletes

Mountain biking is quite different from plane-based cycling sports. Apart from a rougher and slightly riskier terrain, you have to deal with a different weather at the mountain. At mountains, the oxygen concentration and pressure is lesser, and that can have a pretty substantial effect on some people. Some people cannot tolerate low density of oxygen and lose conscious. During a trail race event, this could seriously injure the person and could also be fatal. Therefore, before you get into any sort of mountain racing event, or start training for mountain biking, you should learn about the good and the bad of racing at high altitude.

According to a research paper that studied effects of moderate altitude, from 1500 to 3000 meters, for 2 to 4 weeks, it was found that unlike popular belief, altitude training did not create enough stimuli to increase the volume of red blood cells in our body. It was also found that even haemoglobin concentration remains roughly the same. While there are several benefits of working out away from pollution of the cities, this research states that it doesn’t increase oxygen carrying capacity of blood. If you don’t know, haemoglobin is the component of blood that is responsible for transporting oxygen to various parts of the body. But if you though that they are no benefits to training at high altitudes, then you are wrong because with acclimatization to high altitudes, lactate production decreases and lactate clearance sees a boost.

mountain bike

Lactic acid is produced by our body during anaerobic respiration. When we workout at very high intensity, our body is not able to produce required energy with the regular aerobic energy generation method. Therefore it has to follow anaerobic respiration, which produces lactate acid in the body. If you have sprinted very heavily at some point, you must have noticed that after the workout sessions, you begin to feel cramps in your body. These cramps are a result of lactic acid and by working out at high altitudes, you get less of these.

In addition, working out at high altitude, results in increased ATP production, per mole of oxygen. For every task we perform, we need energy, and that energy is supplied to our body from a chemical process where ATP or adenosine tri-phosphate is broken down by the body for the energy. This is an aerobic process, which means oxygen is requires for this chemical process to happen. Working out at high altitudes results in better utilization of oxygen for generation ATP energy, this means that our body become more efficient in oxygen utilization.

So, how do all these studies help a competitive cyclist?

Well, for starters, as you read above that working out at high altitudes results in better oxygen utilization, during plane-based cycling events, you will be less likely to lose your breath. Your body will become capable of producing more energy with less amount of oxygen and in the long run, it will increase your stamina and boost your performance.

To end with here’s an interesting fact and tip. Did you know that the Kryptonite 997986 Fahgettaboudit U-lock is actually the best bike lock on the market? If not, get one today itself.


Qualities To Look For When Buying Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycles, both vintage and latest, are priced possessions of their owners. However, it requires a lot more than just regular cleaning and tune up to assure a properly functioning and wonderful looking motorcycle. Replacing old and damaged parts is a crucial aspect of motorcycle maintenance, but not every company or distributor can be trusted when it comes to buying quality items.

Mentioned below are the top qualities you should look for in a retailer when buying motorcycle parts.

Motorcycle Parts

  • Variety of parts: The variety of parts of motorcycles is huge and varies according to their model and make. While parts of new models are available easily, it can prove to be quite demanding to find parts for vintage motorcycles. Thus a distributor who has a good selection of parts for both new and old motorcycles will be the best, in order to find a variety of parts under one roof, as you can save yourself from the hassle of running from one store to another in the search for the right parts.
  • Quality: The quality of parts used in your motorcycle can have a major impact on its working. Poor quality parts not only lower the performance of the vehicle, but also cause irreversible damage to it in the long run. Thus so much emphasis is put on choosing a reputable motorcycle part retailer offering good quality parts to not only maintain but also enhance the performance of your motorcycle.
  • Knowledge: Someone who deals in motorcycle accessories and parts should also have good knowledge about the same. In case you have any confusion or apprehension then you can rely upon his suggestion to make the right choice. A knowledgeable and experienced professional can not only provide you quality products, but can also guide you when it comes to selecting the right parts for your motorcycle, besides saving you from wasting your money on low quality products.
  • Cost: Price is a prominent factor for motorcycle owners when purchasing the parts, as they want best quality at an affordable price. The cost of parts can be influenced by many factors, such as quality and availability. Besides this, different retailers might charge you differently for the same part and that is why finding a renowned professional is essential. He is someone who will offer you the parts at a genuine price, without compromising on quality or service.
  • Customer service: The responsibility of a seller is not limited to just selling the parts, as he should be someone you can depend upon later on as well. From making the right selection of parts to assuring after sales assistance, the distributor or the company you choose should provide reliable service at every step. Another thing is to assure that their customer service representatives are available through different medium, such as email and phone, so that you can get in touch with them as and when required.

A motorcycle is a costly investment and purchasing top quality motorcycle parts from a reputable, experienced and genuine retailer is the key for maintaining its everlasting performance.