Genuine Honda accessories at throw away prices

Honda motorcycle accessories

For a biking enthusiast, no other way is more relaxing than to take a long drive to an unknown destination. It became more fun to drive at night when the cool breezes fall straight into your face. Or they may go for a drive into the wood, in the mild sunny daytime. A veteran biker is very well known for Honda motorcycles as they were the most dependable in the market. Time and again Honda motorcycles have emerged as the top brand in manufacturing good bikes. It has been years…

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Motorcycle Handlebars

STEEL, ALUMINIUM OR CARBON Deciding on which to go for – steel, aluminum or carbon. The choice here is dependent on your budget; would suggest you choose a motorcycle handlebar that meets your needs. The steel handlebar is more resistant, but heavier and less original in shape (no variable diameter). It corresponds to the material of the original handlebars, and therefore to their shape and dimensions. It is solid but hardly breaks in the event of a fall. Another advantage: it is not expensive! The aluminum handlebar is lightweight…

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What Should You Do If You Have A Motorbike Accident?

Motorbikes make up a fraction of the traffic in Australia and yet they are involved in a high percentage of accidents. You should always take care when you are driving on the roads so that you will minimise the chances that you collide with another vehicle. Unfortunately, you might find that you are unlucky and that you are involved in an accident. There are several key things to do if you are involved in a crash. Contact A Motorbike Accident Lawyer If you have been injured in the crash or…

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Reasons to Switch to Riding an Electric Bicycle

In recent years, electric bicycles have gained more and more popularity due to the benefits it provides the rider. Electric bicycles are becoming so popular due to their speed, environmentally friendly motor, and classification. Electric bikes are classified as bicycles because they can be pedalled, which is why they are not subject to the same laws as motorbikes and mopeds, which in turn makes them more accessible for everyone. Particularly in urban areas, the electric bicycle is becoming a more popular method of transportation. There has been an influx of…

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Know Review of Ninja 300- Your First Dream Ride


The most outstanding Kawasaki Ninja 300 R has all the features and has the parallel twin designed to subdue the performance of the other motorcycles like the Honda CBR250R or the older Ninja variations. This new version of the bike has the new ergonomics, multifunctional LCD and the sporty look that offers a better spark to the first time riders and the beginner motorcyclists. This bike has all the new features that make the first time riders do all in love with this 2 wheeler. This bike is available in…

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