Hyundai – New Possibilities with New Thinking

The world’s third largest vehicle manufacturer, Hyundai has come a long way from being an affordable car maker to the masses. It now boasts of a wide array of vehicles that have superior design and comes loaded with technologies. The South Korean manufacturing giant has presence in nearly 200 countries and enjoys a very good reputation all over the globe. Consistently vying to bring about the latest technologies available in the market, Hyundai cars have been at the forefront of delivering cars loaded with features at a price that makes it great value for money. The current design philosophy known as fluidic sculpture has worked wonders, churning out designs that are breath taking. This emphasis on aesthetics has helped Hyundai grow in number and dealers have sprouted up in all major locations. Houston Hyundai dealer like Humble Hyundai is a great example of dealerships that display the professionalism that is of paramount importance at this company.

How Hyundai manages to outperform competition as stay relevant in very different markets like Asia, Europe and America is due to it constant emphasis on delivering the wow factor. Apart from stunning looks, Hyundai cars are loaded with features that make interacting with them a more helpful and enriching experience. When it comes to design of engines, fuel economy is just as important as how they perform. Hence paramount importance have been accorded to advancements like Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology that injects fuel directly into an engine’s combustion chamber, which not only improves fuel economy but also reduces carbon emissions. Yet another innovation is the EcoShift Dual Clutch Transmission. This technology allows power to flow from the engine to the transmission uninterrupted, which increases fuel efficiency dramatically.

How well a vehicle caters to you can make the difference between a car you like and car you love. At Hyundai, the focus is to go the extra mile for pleasing the customers. The Integrated Memory System allows you to store two different unique driver seating and side mirror positions at the touch of a button. Hands-free smart trunk opens automatically when it senses your key fob approaching. Heated rear seats ensure you’ll always be warm and cozy. And, to keep you connected when you’re on the move, you’ll find multiple USB ports.  Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which integrate all the functionality of your smartphone with your vehicle enables you to use your favorite apps, send messages, listen to your favorite music, use navigation and more. And what’s really amazing is that all these things can be done remotely using Hyundai Blue Link on your smartphone and smartwatch, like start the car, turn on the air conditioning or heat before you get in and lock or unlock the doors. Automatic Emergency Braking that senses when a crash is imminent and automatically applies the brakes. Lane Departure Warning that informs you with audible and visual cues if you begin to drift out of your lane. Brake Assist that provides you with more stopping power when an emergency stop is detected. Electronic Stability Control and a Traction Control System prevents your vehicle from skidding. And because safety should never be a luxury, these advanced features are offered across the entire line of models. On top of all this dealers all over the world, especially Houston Hyundai dealer Humble Hyundai offer great service and accessories.

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