You thought you and your RV will explore the whole world together, but the reality is, not all relationships in this world are destined to last forever. The RV, your home-on-wheels, has been a loved member of your family for years. So many special moments, so many happy memories – selling a vehicle is so very similar to breaking up with a dear friend. However, sometimes you need to take an unpleasant decision for the sake of pragmatism and move on. It is not easy to bid adieu to a trusted companion, though. If you have already taken the decision to sell your RV online, start preparing for a grand farewell. Theme parties, photo sessions, one last trip – yes, it can get as big as your imagination. Here are a few ideas on how to part ways with your travel buddy in style:

Forget a Teary Farewell – It Must Be a Happy and Cheery Goodbye

Eat, drink, dance and chat to your heart’s content to celebrate your friendship. Turn the event into a fun-filled affair with the use of three elements – cheery decoration, loud music and queer dress code. If your guest list does not allow you to throw the party right inside the RV, then find a suitable venue, where the old rig can sit pretty in the background. While a motor home-themed cake can be the center of your party, movie-inspired dress code will surely make the bash a runaway hit among your friends. The idea is to revisit the happy travel memories so that they keep on resonating on your mind for a long time to come. Therefore, request the presence of all those who had accompanied you on your RV trips at some point of time. What could be a better way to say goodbye to your travel buddy than re-living the happy moments for one last time?


Capture It Forever In the Frames of Photographs

Arrange a photo-shoot before bidding your old rig a final goodbye. Forget mobiles and tabs; use a good quality camera to take high-res photos that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Some long shots are okay – they will let you capture your rig in full view with a nice backdrop. However, don’t miss the nooks and corners – many years from now you may find it difficult to recall how the bedroom wallpaper looked like, what the color of upholstery was, or how beautifully the dining area accommodated that cute coffee table. A quick surfing through your photo album will not only let you rekindle your happy memories, but will also keep your rig close to your heart forever.

Plan That Final Voyage

It can be a month-long excursion in the backcountry or it can be a brief weekend escapade to the neighboring city, but don’t let it go without spending some special moments with your long-term travel companion. If you have time in your hands and dollars in your pocket, head straight to your dream destination. Fret not, if that’s not possible because there is always a great location nearby; you just have to find it out. That it is going to be the last trip together will make your journey extra-special. As they say, it is not the destination, but the journey which is important. No matter how attached we are to our ‘list of firsts’, they must go to make place for the new ones. It’s okay if you have decided to sell your RV online for some quick cash. We have to prioritize our needs and that’s life. So bid your travel buddy a cheery goodbye with a wish that it finds a loving and caring friend in its new owner.

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