How to choose body armor?

Body armor is extremely important when you are a biking enthusiast. If you are planning to get into the sport, the first step is to find the right kind of body armor. Look out for the ones that help in movement as well as give you good protection. Here are some tips to choose the correct body armor for you.

While biking is a well-known sport, it is also considered to be a dangerous one. With touching speeds that you will normally never be able to otherwise, you need to be careful as any accident can be fatal. Using protective gear to save you is imperative.

The need for body armor is so high that some professional bikers get it specially made to suit their needs. If you are looking to take biking as a sport or a hobby, the first thing you should buy is a full set of body armor that will keep you protected all the times.

There are many things you should keep in mind while choosing body armor. If you are pretty light, it makes sense not to choose an armor that will weigh you down. However, if it is too light, it may not be that effective. Here are some tips that will help you choose the correct armor:

  • Chest coverage

There are three ways to go about this. If you are looking to protect your chest and your back but are worried that you will be too hot and uncomfortable in it, you can go for the Forcefield armor vests. Not only does it provide you full frontal and back impact protection but it also has a little padding on the shoulders, and the arm length is short to provide you some respite from the heat.

The second way is the back protection. The vests do not always protect your lower back, so in that situation, it makes sense to have an additional protection on your spine and lower back to help keep you safe from potentially fatal injuries.

The third way is the full body armor. If you don’t live in an extremely hot place and think you can manage a full body armor, this is your best bet. It covers you from your wrists to your lower back, and you do not need anything extra to add to it.

  • Material- Hard vs. Soft

Soft shell armors give you the protection you need through foam padding. Great for flatland things such as street racing, beginners and enthusiasts opt for the thinner body armor as it is lighter and gives you more space for movement, unlike the hard armor.

The hard armor has plastic padding on the vital organ areas and offers more impact resistance. It is a necessity for any high-speed racing. It is a little heavier and bulky, but it is needed to help you stay alive.

  • Price

The price of the different body armors vary. From chest protection to joint protection, head gears and more, you need the whole set before you are ready to race. Check out the price of each and buy the ones that fit your budget but ensure that you do not put your safety at risk. For serious bikers, the hard shell protection armor is the best so do not skimp on it. Buy from trusted brands like Forcefield armor even if it costs a little more.

If you are looking to buy body armor, keep the kind of racing you will do in mind as it will help decide the type of armor you need. Don’t be dismissive about your safety. Choose well and ride better!

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