Heated Wiper Blades Care Tips

Windshield wipers are often exposed to harsh conditions. Hence it’s good you consider durable ones to avoid unreasonable and expensive replacements after every few months. Talk of snow, rain, wind, hot and cold temperatures, grime and dirt of the road, all these contribute to the deterioration of your wipers. However, with quality heated wiper blades and some basic wiper blade care tips; you can be sure to massively extend their lifespan. The reason you can count on the newly invented heated windshield wipers is that they don’t allow ice and snow to build up on them or even on the windscreen.

But why are heated windshield wipers special?


Basically, they are made with the sole intent of making your windscreen as clear as possible especially during the snowing winter. As in, the silicon made-blades do transfer heat from your car’s defrost system, which melts away any ice or snow that may try to build on your vehicle’s windshield in seconds.

If you are yet to install these types of wiper blades on your car, you are missing a lot from its benefits. They increase road safety by eliminating blurred vision in your driving experience. When in auto mode, they sense the cold weather and will automatically defrost your windshield as you stay warm right inside the car. With them, you will also avoid the hustle of having to pull over in the quest to remove build up ice on your windshield, not to mention that you’ll no longer have to waste gallons of wiper fluid try to keep clear.

Yes, these are the most effective wiper blades so far ever invented, but how can you get the most from them? Well, check the below points:

#1. Maintain your wipers


As it is with any other part of your car, the wiper blades are bound to perform better with little attention and upkeep. Therefore:

  • When cleaning your windshield, wash each wiper blade with a soft paper towel or cloth to remove loose dirt.
  • Makes sure the wiper blades you are using are the correct size for your car and if you are planning to install the new heated windshield wipers, ensure they are for your exact car model.
  • Use a good windshield washer fluid when cleaning your windscreen at the gas station.
  • Inspect your wiper blades for signs of any wear and tear on the wiper arm or the squeegee
  • Last but very important is, install heated wiper blades that are built to last!


#2. Prevent damage to your windshield wipers

With so many uncontrollable factors working against wiper blades, you cannot afford to add to the wear of your windshield wipers. Therefore, DON’T:

  • Turn on the wipers when the windshield is dry
  • Leave the wipers on when shutting off your car
  • Use the windshield wipers that look frozen, but with heated windscreen wipers, just strike the on button and allow the wipers to heat as they melt away the built up ice or snow
  • Scrape ice off with your blades when they are off

With quality heated wiper blades and the above care tips, you are assured of safety even on snowy days.

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