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Often people who move don’t use car transport services, but it is good to know what to do when you need them once. If you have not had any experience with it before, you should know what to look out for so as not to be fooled, and not to waste time, nerves, but also money.

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Situations Requiring Car Transportation Company

In most cases, people will use the car to transport themselves to a new home. Also, it can be useful for carrying some of their luggage. But there are times when it is easier to transport the car with the help of professional companies that deal with it. Maybe owners don’t want to put miles on their vehicle. Or they just bought a new car which still doesn’t have all the required documentation.

Also, many businesses use these services to move their company cars. It’s a cheaper solution than to transport them on their wheels one by one. You’ll need gas and a driver for each car. With transportation company, open-air trailer usually solves this problem. The same goes for any vehicle.

Another specific situation when people need a car transportation agency is when they owe collector vehicles. These cars are items of particular importance and great value. It is not advisable to drive them to a new location, as they can get damaged. Even the tiniest scratch can diminish their value.

Get Down to Research

First, you need to choose the type of service you want. Decide whether you want door-to-door moving of car or their transportation from/to the terminal, or you want some specific services, such as transporting your vehicle in a closed trailer. From the experience of Shipcar24, owners of more expensive cars usually insist on this, to prevent mechanical damage due to speed and weather.

You start your search with local carriers or those within the state. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to find previous users’ experiences, reviews, and recommendations. You can narrow your choice down to 3 or 4 specific agencies to look for further information.

Visit their websites and look for licenses and certificates. Every car transportation company should have anoticeable operation authority number. They will also highlight their insurance policy and liability coverage in case of damage.

Check the Payment Method

Payment is a detail that many people overlook and can point to a lot of things. Considering that car transportation is not a cheap service, you need to find a secure payment method and a company that respects the deal. Payment by checks, wire transfers, or credit card are generally accepted options. Transportation companies that insist on cash, and ask for paying in advance, are a reasonably untrustworthy associate.

Specific Services

Check the level of service you get from companies, so you can compare them and find out where you get the most for your money. Most companies won’t offer you an enclosed trailer, but they’ll meet your requirements if you insist. Also, unless you explicitly state by which date you want the car to arrive at the address, you can expect this to take time (for cost-effectiveness, car carriers transport more vehicles at once).

Insurance Policy

Make sure you take a vehicle insurance policy during transport. You never know what might happen on the road. Also, check how much damage coverage companies offer. Read all the small print. Avoid those who give flat release rates, but cooperate with those who offer maximum liability coverage.

Delays and Cancellation

In situations where reservations are canceled just before the start of realization, companies are at a potential loss if they don’t find another client within the specified time. That is why there are penalties for late cancellation and rescheduling of transport of your vehicle. Get informed about these deadlines so that you won’t waste your money and their profits.

Hiring a car transportation company is not necessary, but in some situations, is of utmost importance. Sure, it can be quite expensive, but you are doing that because you must; not because you’re spoiled and don’t know what to do with all that money.

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