Car Innovations That Revolutionized the Way We Thought About Cars

We are all aware how quickly the technology has engulfed us all. It is not only at our workplace but is also practiced at our homes. We cannot just do without technology and cars are no different. We tend to our cars as if they were our family.  Since they become so integral to our routine.

By innovations we do not imply that cars now have wings (it might as well be), however, it means the already established cars have become so great that we are surprised to the core as to what to call them! Initially it was just box with an engine, steering wheel, and tires in addition to other basics.

But over the course of history, different innovations have come to pass. We will get into that in a little bit, however, we must appreciate how far we’ve come in the automobile technology.

Not only people are becoming increasingly dependent they are also not shying away from paying the premium price for it.

Let’s find out below.

The 4-wheel drive innovation

Nothing uncommon but as far back as the year 1903, it was a fairly new idea. An innovation for many   people who were alive in the 20th century.

The 4-wheel drive weren’t as much common to the household vehicles but it was mainly applicable to tractors and military vehicles for example Land Rovers and Jeeps.

However, that all changed with the introduction of Audi, which introduced to us Quattro back in the 1980s.

It was a luxury sports coupe and the sales figures for this car were quite modest (meaning not too high neither too low) but the versions which came into the market were pristine and particularly ruled the rallying sport.

This led to 4-wheel drive not just become useful but also turned it into a thing of beauty. Even today, Audi refers to its 4-wheel drive as ‘Quattro’. And it is also not uncommon to find a luxury coupe such as the Bentley just as you would a Land Rover.

These Japanese car auction house cars can easily save you the hassle of changing gears and this cements the fact further that how good ideas can sit well with customers.

An automatic transmission prototype was available as early as 1904 but it was in the early works so it took another 35 years for it to hone and become widely accepted.

Breaking of the barriers

The history is riddled with bold innovations that have taken the world by storm. At the time when original Mini burst on to the world scene it set up a trend for how compact and affordable a family car can be.

Even though the debut came in the year 1959, the lasting effects can still be noticed today in cars of small nature.

If we look at the world today there is a rat race as to who can outrun the other in terms of fuel efficiency. So which brand scored? Volkswagen was the first to come up with petrol engines which were able to shut cylinders down at the time of cruising, in turn, saving you fuel.

With the passage of time, connectivity too became integral. Since we are all actively using smartphones today, any technology which link our cars to them becomes a reason for us to strike that purchase.

In the new Land Rover Discovery you have the option to bend the individual seats slightly before approaching the car if you know how many people will be seated in it.

Above all, ability to drive driverless. Still the cut throat war is waging regarding this aspect but can you imagine what the world will be like? Deals with Tesla (the real barrier breaker today) and other Chinese start-ups are in full swing today.

Giants like Apple and Google are also eyeing automobile manufacturing suddenly and they have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Safety belt

It was perhaps the greatest innovation of all time. Volvo engineer by the name of Nils Bohlin gave us this free gift in the form of safety belt or which paved road to modern day seat belt. The three point safety belt not only covered the torso but it made sure the lap was safe too.

In the year 1959, Volvo launched it and in the year 1963, US adopted it in full letter and spirit. Instead of charging premium or exploiting customers, Volvo decided to set up a patent whereby every other manufacturer can offer and customers can benefit from it which has led to saving of millions of lives.

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