8 Important Facts about Fixed Gear Bikes

Fixed Gear Bikes

A fixed gear bike is regarded as the most efficient type of cycling machine. This is one reason why it has found huge acceptance from cycling community. As they have flexible uses, they are used in racing tracks and in velodrome. Expert cyclists train in them during off-season especially in winters. Lightweight in nature, they are capable of generating high speeds. They are preferred for speedy and efficient riding. They are designed in a manner to permit a ceaseless crank rotation.

Fixed Gear Bikes

8 Important facts about them are enumerated below

Many Amazing Features

Fixed gear bikes are incredibly lightweight. Hence, they are very convenient to carry from one place to another. Riding them is having fun all the way as it does not create too much of a strain. Sturdy and superbly built, they are found in many amazing colour patterns, designs and shapes.

The speciality of this bike is – they do not have any free wheel. This gives them an edge over other available bikes. There are some bikes where you need to pedal once. This prompts the wheel to rotate freely and pedals remain stationary. This was one common glitch, which prevented these bikes from giving efficient service. This bottleneck was has been done away with by a fixed gear bike. The most vital concept behind construction of this bike was to restrict free wheel movement.

What Gives Them The Edge?

They are capable of generating high speeds. In addition to this, they are of lightweight in nature. They do not have cables, derailleurs, shifters, extra rings. All these go to make it lightweight. Absence of such additional parts is appreciated by cyclists as it causes minimal obstructions. Even if the bikes are made of aluminium or carbon fibre, they do not contain any heavy-duty gear, which makes them very light.These two factors have led to its popularity among cycling enthusiasts. Absence of any extra accessory and a brake unit makes them a perfect choice among adept cyclists. They permit up gradations and modifications. For instance, you can modify or upgrade the tiny rims. Though these rims are tiny, they hardly get affected due to rebounds arising from obstacles on the road.

People who wish to lose their extra flesh and yearn to get back into desired shape prefer these bikes. They are trendy and help in reducing weight as well.

Multitude of Advantages

They are not only lightweight but also have fewer mechanical parts. Thus, they are extremely easy and convenient to maintain. They encourage rigorous pedal style. This is incredibly helpful in enhancing the endurance levels of riders as it gives them a good exercise. They perform brilliantly on slipper or wet roads. Absence of gears and breaks makes it a joyride for cyclists. Absence of brakes does not mean cyclists face any major problem due to this. All they are required to do is to apply some resistance on the pedals. They contain pedals and these pedals continue to rotate as long as the bike is on the move. If you wish, riding in the reverse direction is permitted.

As these bikes permit crank rotation, they are great for riding downhill even at fast pace. They give equally good performance while making turns at corners. To get best results from the bike when used in downhill, the rider needs to pedal at the speed of 170rpm. According to cycling veterans, these bikes are able to accomplish this objective. For one, it allows bikers to put in more power during the ride.

Commendable Mechanism

These bikes warrant easy and simple steps to operate. They have a unique and special drive train mechanism. They comprise of sprocket and this is normally bolted to the wheels found at the back. Due to this arrangement, it permits both the back wheel and the pedal turn in a similar direction. Cyclists are immensely benefited due to this mechanism. All they are required to do is to apply slight brake without needing to apply an actual brake.

Not all cyclists like using brakes. With some dedication and practice, they master the art of putting resistance on the pedals just to slow down. Some bikers choose to stop in a stylish way. For this, they create a bit of a skidding effect to stop the bike. This comes to great relief when they wish to perform better on a wet or slipper road.

How And from Where To Purchase It?

If you are seriously interested in purchasing this bike, take some professional advice. This will enable you to find the perfect model according to your needs and requirements. This is especially recommended to beginners. Countless manufacturers are offering them in different makes and models. Instead of settling for a cheap and inferior brand, rely on a reputed brand. Do not compromise on your health safety for prices.

Available At Online Stores and Otherwise

If you are interested to buy it from a brick-and-mortar store, it is better to visit the shop and have a look at it. Buyers prefer the former option as it offers several benefits like, great discounts, free shipment, wide collection of different brands, etc. Before buying from an online store, make sure to go through customer feedback and testimonials.

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